Politics, Policy and Policing Web 2.0

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What concerns or issues are at the forefront for parents, administrators and IT guys?
  • Is it a "them vs. us" scenario?
  • Why do we spend so much time an energy defending web 2.0 and these technologies? The pedagogical advantages of these tools should be obvious and desired.
  • "We" believe the hype.
What concerns do we as educators see in using Web 2.0 technologies?
  • "They" worry about it because they don't understand it. We need to do a better job of educating them.
  • All "they" hear about is the negative, the boogey-man.
  • Although we have a gut fear, a lot of what we expected to be dangerous on the web has turned out to be not the danger areas - according to some studies.
  • Parents (and possibly teachers/students) are unaware of the actual policies in place?
What can we do to address these concerns in terms of educating other regarding Web 2.0?
  • A lot of times it's not the administrators?
  • In a lot of realms, there's not a policy in place. Perhaps we should be thankful for the reluctance in forming policy?
  • Like driving, there are inherent dangers. Are the pros worth the dangers?
  • Parents should be invited and involved.
  • We need to be seeking out administrators in order to discuss the whys.
  • Inviting administrators to be moderators in a threaded discussion might be a way to teach them about the positive uses of these technologies.
What can we do to address these concerns in terms of our use of Web 2.0 Technologies?
  • We need to know both sides of the issue.
  • We need to have a specific purpose in mind for the tools that we are planning to use.
  • Help parents, students, teachers, and administrators understand standards and frameworks for learning 21st Century skills.
  • The use of the tools by all parties working together - using the tools together will help in learning what really is working.
What else?
  • Send a newsletter home to parents. Maybe in blog format? Maybe ask administrators if you should do it on a trial basis?
  • Part of the problem with educating people is motivating them to learn more.
  • Give kids an option for learning content without technology. "You don't want to use the Internet? OK, look it up in this book..."
  • Find ways for the school to provide technology access to students outside of school time.