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Moderator: Hi, mrmansour

Moderator: Had trouble last week with some vandals drawing on the whiteboard during a session, so I'm disabling that ability.

Moderator: Sorry!

mrmansour: no worries, I've haven't tried this before.

Moderator: Didn't want to inhibit your creativity at all!

Moderator: Just wanted you to know why I was turning that part off.

mrmansour: Does this start in a few minutes?

Moderator: Yes.

mrmansour: I was at a tech conference in Nebraska yesterday and went to a distance ed. presentation. Unfortunately, the speakers were a bit behind the times.

Moderator: Too bad.

Moderator: Not using a tool like Elluminate?

mrmansour: This program and vyew are pretty cool.

mrmansour: They didn't get into the tools so much as the rationale for it.

mrmansour: But they hadn't even heard of this and some others I mentioned.

Moderator: Interesting.

Moderator: Was the rational appealing?

mrmansour: They played a podcast of some guy from Harvard who proposed that all education will be distance ed. in the future.

Moderator: Hi, Peggy.

mrmansour: Mostly for shock value.

PeggyG: G'morning

Moderator: I wonder who that was.

PeggyG: I can hear you

mrmansour: yes

PeggyG: Your voice sounds as sleepy as mine

PeggyG: Not good-so sorry

mrmansour: yep

PeggyG: just go an error message loading web tour-may have to change computers


Alice Mercer: I remember that one

PeggyG: Really excited for Phoenix session!

Michael Staton: So that's just a packed week then....

PeggyG: The biggest 2.0 stuff this week was Earthcast08

Alice Mercer: I can hear it

Alice Mercer: Headphone are our friend

Alice Mercer: I started using cocomment this week, and it isn't working well

Alice Mercer: edublogs has the email

Michael Staton: it isn't working well?

PeggyG: No solution--I have the same problem-only try RSS

Alice Mercer: Nope, mistitles the blog post, doesn't list new comments

Michael Staton:

Bob Caro: It's almost like we need an aggregating aggregator - give me a list of all the blog and rss changes

Michael Staton:

PeggyG: LOL-you're right!

Michael Staton: like netvibes?

Alice Mercer: Nope, my presos are to mostly newbies, so they are amazed at slideshare

PeggyG: I do use the Diigo comments/mail notification for my groups but that doesn't begin to capture the blogs & comments

Alice Mercer: Yep, text only

Bob Caro: can backboard comment-ers be limitied to a specific list of commenters, like students?

Michael Staton:

Michael Staton: yes, i think so

Alice Mercer: constructive

Alice Mercer: always the issue

Alice Mercer: VT can be monitored, BUT I will look at these tools

Alice Mercer: I know that there has been a complaint even with blogs about stuff not being threaded

PeggyG: I was really interested in the new feature cogdogblog tweeted about on WordPress-way to "reward" people who comment on your blog post by getting featured on their site as commenter

Michael Staton:

PeggyG: Shareski talked about using the "CommentLuv" feature from WorkPress--really interesting

PeggyG: I loved using eportfolios with my university students-we used TaskStream as the vehicle for creating and sharing them with potential employers

PeggyG: With TaskStream they can share a URL or burn their eportflio on a CD--worked well

Durff: do you have an url?

PeggyG: no mic-my computer is really slow today!!! hope it doesn't crash on me

Alice Mercer: I just used a blog (

Alice Mercer: But I'm a dork

Durff: no you are NOT!

PeggyG: Blogs are good.

PeggyG: Web pages are good too for eportfolios-

Alice Mercer: nope, for my own, BUT I use blogs for instruction with students

Alice Mercer: I haven't TRIED to keep portfolios for students

Alice Mercer: I teach Elementary

Durff: but it is a portfolio of the class' work

PeggyG: Shawn Wheeler just created a digital portfolio on a website with his own domain name and it is really good-can post all of his podcasts, presentations, resume, etc.

PeggyG: eportfolios can serve many different purposes

Alice Mercer: It's my first year, I teach computer lab so I have 4-6 a lot of students. It would take a lot of time to do right.

Alice Mercer: Self-promotion I started blogging there this week.

Alice Mercer: I saw your post. Glenn Moses "favorited it" on GoogleReader

smeech: Interesting Post that might relate Steve?

smeech: Your writing for Techlearning

Durff: that was an interesting story

Alice Mercer: Yeah, but if he was Egyptian, would people have cared?

Durff: or done?

Alice Mercer: I'm GLAD that he got out

Michael Staton: can i hear more about taskstream?

PeggyG: That was a great post on embedding Google forms!

mrmansour: Can't wait to see how you got the form in

Durff: ?


PeggyG: It's a combination of classroom management system and educational tools such as lesson plans, eportfolio, rubrics, etc.

PeggyG: We used both the management system and the learning achievement tools

PeggyG: I looked at the form you embedded on flatclassrooms for registration and you couldn't tell it was an embedded form--really cool

Alice Mercer: I'll just chorus on Earth Day Webcastathon

Michael Staton: Peggy, are they easy to use?

Durff: Alice talk about the Earthcast!

Bob Caro: It looks like the taskstream is $25 per semester per student. It is at one university, but maybe not at all

Alice Mercer: Peggy?

Durff: you missed it steve

PeggyG: yes, TS was very easy to use as faculty as well as students

smeech: @mjmontagne said it was huge success

Durff: alice does

Alice Mercer: Peggy you gonna talk?

Alice Mercer: I'll do it then

smeech: He slept 2 hours but his students gained a lot out of it!

Durff: matt?

PeggyG: teachers can join TS when they are not at the university for $49 a year or so

smeech: Yes @durff

Durff: or4 doung?

Durff: ah

Durff: i cannot type

PeggyG: I participated in quite a few of the earthcastathon sessions--they were fantastic!

Durff: the kids were fantastic

Durff: I do!

PeggyG: the student voice was really powerful!

smeech: @mjmontagne has students from his students working with the academy as well... They went the other night and it was fantastic.

Durff: they were, weren't they

PeggyG: They are compiling all of the resources from the week in the Diigo group called earth day as well as on the earthcast08 wikispace--some great resources!

Durff: i think they will do next wk too

PeggyG: Terry's interview was wonderful!

Moderator: Any links?

Alice Mercer:

PeggyG: I could really relate to the safe route to school discussion siince we went through that at my school


PeggyG: Couldn't participate in the Spanish conversation didn't understand enough Spanish

Durff: $5

Durff: also

PeggyG: Some people seemed to prefer the spontaneous conversations with students but I liked both the pre-recorded and spontaneous

PeggyG: Durff captured teachers and students in the hallway to ask what they were doing for the eart--great stuff.

PeggyG: earth

smeech: probably at PB Wiki?

Durff: scroll down for schedule

smeech: or Google Docs

smeech: hehe

Michael Staton: steve, you mind if i chime in to ask a few questions?

cchausis: or Zoho

PeggyG: it was a huge project but VERY successful!

Durff: go michael!

Durff: not i

Durff: no mic

Durff: do i have too?

Michael Staton: my question: what was so powerful - the content or the publishing?

PeggyG: I especially enjoyed hearing the students talk about their environmental clubs and projects they are involved with

Durff: @Michael the powerful thing was getting students to hear themselves on the air

PeggyG: for some students it was their first time participating live with a global audience and they were really excited and proud to join in

Michael Staton: so the publishing?

Durff: many of my students joined after school

Michael Staton: okay.... that's actually good.

Durff: awareness

Durff: empowerment

Durff: i think that is the powerful thing

PeggyG: I hope the earthcast will become an annual event

Michael Staton: i'm going to turn on my mic.

Durff: hi michael

Durff: yes

Alice Mercer: Yep Lisa

Durff: yes and adults too

PeggyG: the ideas shared about saving the environment were incredible

Durff: yes baby steps

Alice Mercer: Yes that would be it.

PeggyG: I learned a lot of new things including about the coral reef issues

Alice Mercer: They got to share what they were doing and what they thought

Durff: not yet

Durff: they will

PeggyG: there were some wonderful experts throughout the event in addition to the students

Durff: exactly michael

mrmansour: Wish I'd known about this

Alice Mercer: The coordination of time is the biggest issue

Durff: it is recorded

PeggyG: the conversation with the scientists was awesome on the coral reef

Durff: all available on edtechtalk

PeggyG: @ Michael-great question-wikis are becoming an awesome collaborative tool

Durff: start it Michael

Michael Staton: alright!

PeggyG: it's always amazing to me with the time zones that there is someone available every hour of the day

Durff: we did have Europe though

PeggyG: people are going to bed when others are getting up and it just flows

Durff: Afica often doesn't have the hardwarde

Alice Mercer: You could

Michael Staton: yeah

Alice Mercer: And people do

smeech: or I completely agree Steve

Michael Staton: you could do it with schols in the same city

PeggyG: flat classroom is a topical project, right? But it is global

smeech: Sometimes we think too big... Glocally, Locally, etc.

Michael Staton: @smeech agreed

PeggyG: some video but very little

smeech: Very good article by Ryan Bretag about it:

Michael Staton: @smeech locally can be more powerful

Durff: most was audio streaming

PeggyG: the video promo for the event on YouTube was wonderful

smeech: Local, Global, or Glocal?

PeggyG: I think it will go on with the wiki and Diigo group

PeggyG: we have had that conversation before about engaging people in these groups after the event is over

smeech: Just congrats to everyone involved

Durff: you're doing a fine job

Michael Staton: yeah that was great!

PeggyG: Steve has some opinions about that because I asked him about our Phoenix LIVE event-concern re lack of adding to the wiki

Michael Staton: instructify.... just went to it

PeggyG: bite-size chunks--great idea!! beginners can easily get overwhelmed

PeggyG: the intro to Ning Steve led was a great example of how to start simply

PeggyG: I can't believe the time has gone by so fast!

cchausis: thanks for sharing... awesome!

Michael Staton: so, if i made a way to coordinate webcasts this would be used?

PeggyG: Yes

Michael Staton: yes

cchausis: yes

Durff: yes

Alice Mercer: Yep, I'm muted on mike now

Durff: oh no

Durff: i thin k steve can't hear michael

Michael Staton: can you hear me?

PeggyG: I've been learning about how Scribd can be used to embed docs in blogs/wikis--it's also very good.

Alice Mercer: What's going on with sound?

Alice Mercer: We were

Alice Mercer: I can hear Michael

PeggyG: now yes Michael

Durff: i can hear michael and steve too

smeech: I can

Durff: yes

smeech: Getting a little feedback on Steve

Durff: no

Moderator: Keep talking.

Michael Staton: www.netvibes

Michael Staton:

Moderator: I'll be quiet

Alice Mercer: No I haven't used new netvibes. I've gotten sucked into pageflakes

PeggyG: haven't used netvibes-tell us what you like about it

Alice Mercer: That's like PageFlakes, PageCasts

Alice Mercer: Which has been around since last summer?

Durff: yes

Alice Mercer: Yep, it's a matter o'taste

Durff: i used it last ye for NECC

Alice Mercer: So I will TRY it

Moderator: I can hear again... Sorry if I interrupted!

Durff: yr

PeggyG: I've also really been liking the things people are doing with Skitch and capturing images with arrows, titles, comments to share on blog posts. Really great visual tool

Alice Mercer: Michael is still talking.

Alice Mercer: Can you have a number of personal pages?

Michael Staton:

Alice Mercer: I'll post up a flake in a bit

smeech: Have you explored Diigo?

PeggyG: Is that like bloglines and blog rolls?

Alice Mercer:

Lori Abrahams: morning all

Lori Abrahams: need to go get headphones

cchausis: but with Netvibes, you can add widgets like weather and such

cchausis: Hi Lori

Alice Mercer: Can't hear Steve

Moderator: Hi, Lori. We're just finishing up!

Alice Mercer: There you are Steve

smeech: Great stuff as usual ... have a good weekend


Alice Mercer: Oh poo

Lori Abrahams: oh I"m too late

Lori Abrahams: oh well

Durff: hi lori

Michael Staton: yeah, it looks like pageflakes is good for that

cchausis: I like the tabs that Netvibes provides

Alice Mercer: sure, can we talk about rss next time?

PeggyG: Diigo has been working really well for me for finding and sharing resources within groups

cchausis: so you really have more than 1 page

Alice Mercer: I'm diong a series on Instructify.

Michael Staton: can we start a wiki for our rss pagecasts

Michael Staton: or whatever?

Alice Mercer: The front ends like NetVibes?

Alice Mercer: And iGoogle?

Michael Staton: sounds great

cchausis: yes, like iGoogle

Alice Mercer: Create websites with rss using point and click.

PeggyG: Yes, I love iGoogle

Durff: great!

cchausis: mashups

Alice Mercer: You teach me about NetVibes!

Alice Mercer: adios!

Alice Mercer: thanks all

PeggyG: RSS and aggregrating! Wow! That will be a big topic for an hour.

cchausis: thnks

Michael Staton: be sure to put some stuff in diigo

Michael Staton: great

cchausis: bye

Durff: bye all

Michael Staton: bye

PeggyG: Thanks everyone. Got the juices flowing

PeggyG: Bye

Lori Abrahams: Ii'l join diigo group

Lori Abrahams: bye

PeggyG: just grabbing the links-I'll be out in a sec