• Thanks to Elluminate
  • My sound today - will be taking mic off when not talking
Trends / news of the week:
  • Diigo conversations - how to keep up
    • Groups?
    • Standardized tagging "dialog"
  • Google - offline support for office apps?
    • Great Google Calendar merging
    • Need a good conference list
  • Diigo bookmarks review
Events / Conferences
  • Classroom 2.0 Live Conversations sessions
  • K12 Open Minds "semi" announced for last week in September
  • Reminder to consider using this office
  • Upcoming events

Chat Log:

Joined on April 5, 2008 at 7:39 AM

Moderator: Could you hear that?

Moderator: I'm in my car, so I think there's background noise.

Nergiz: Hi Steve. Did I miss the meeting?

Nergiz: I see.

Moderator: No, about to start in 10 minutes

Nergiz: Good. I get confused with time zones and day time saving ....


Nergiz: I'll be back in 10 minutes

Moderator: Are you back, @nergiz?

Moderator: Might just be you and me this morning!

Moderator: Ah, Bob's here...

Bob Caro: I'm finishing watchingthe Ning discussion right now on another computer

Jim O'Hagan: hey hey

Jim O'Hagan: lots of bass.

Jim O'Hagan: oh yeah

Bob Caro: sounds fine

Alice Mercer: Like the difference in MS Word and Google Docs

Alice Mercer: Gotta love spring break, lol

Jim O'Hagan: Is Diigo primed to be a virtual Tombstone where people rush there and then abandon?

adinasullivan: It's been pretty insane re: Diigo

Lisa Thumann: Hi everyone

Alice Mercer: People using it as the backbone of their entire social networking, I don't know, seems a bit much?

Maureen/bcdtech: I really like it, but don't have time to really do the whole group/conversation thing

Maureen/bcdtech: Yes- great idea!

Alice Mercer: I might try that. Haven't liked latency in online spreadsheet

Jim O'Hagan: but what about for the common teacher? easy to learn? Easy to staff develop? Does it help them to do something they do not do now? I am using it, but seeing my staff use it is hard.

Jim O'Hagan: yup

Alice Mercer: I've done staff dev with diigo.

Alice Mercer: I just did social bookmarking and tagging, and sharing/saving

Maureen/bcdtech: I showed it to my moodle class- they loved it, but will probably just use basics for now

Alice Mercer: Do we have an agenda?

Bob Caro: I accidentally put all my firefox bookmarks into Diigo, and now I want to eliminate all except instructional technology ones. I'm not sure how to do that.

adinasullivan: Classroom 2.0 over 7000 now Yeah!

Maureen/bcdtech: The webslides piece will be helpful for teachers to use webquests type of things

Jim O'Hagan: contact wade directly. i have been going back and forth with him, Bob.

adinasullivan: Google offline definitely has great potential

Jim O'Hagan: that is where Diigo has been different, direct contact with the creator

Lisa Thumann: I have trouble keeping up the conversations in Diigo

adinasullivan: Webslides were great for sharing links with staff

Lisa Thumann: with the conversations

Maureen/bcdtech: yes, but without the site which sometimes had inappropriate stuff on it

Jim O'Hagan: srry. g2g.

Alice Mercer: Bob, I would call up all, then "-" the instructional tech, and then batch delete?

adinasullivan: Can't do everything!

Lisa Thumann: Oops I forgot about Google Reader

Maureen/bcdtech: my reader had 1000+, got it down to 600 last night, but it's climbing as I sit here

Alice Mercer: I don't try to do it all, makes me cranky, which was definately this week.

JoseRodriguez: Good morning all

adinasullivan: We're all trying to do too much all at once. Have to pick/choose/prioritize

Alice Mercer: It's a hard week after spring break?

Maureen/bcdtech: Oh good, thought it was just me, being new to this

JoseRodriguez: Same here

Alice Mercer: And you get used to having more time, then you go back and fake it a week, then you can't fake it any more and you can't keep up

Lisa Thumann: @Maureen - You are not alone

Alice Mercer: I think the spring schedule has a lot do with it.

Lori A: sooo many new tools - need to pick and choose

Alice Mercer: getting food

Maureen/bcdtech: @Lisa thanks, I just really started to try the whole networking the last 2 weeks- bad timing!

JoseRodriguez: choose a few to take out for a spin. Use them consistently then add a few

Maureen/bcdtech: find it un untagged and choose edit?

adinasullivan: I think if you click on the link and then rebookmark, you can add tags, lists, groups, etc.

Maureen/bcdtech: I think you cam select multiple tags to change at once

Lori A: can you change all the tags in a list

Alice Mercer: I feel overwhelmed every few months, and have to step back

JoseRodriguez: True.

Lisa Thumann: My family was Verrrrrry annoyed with me this week.

Alice Mercer: Like this week, the new health club opened, so I spent time there

JoseRodriguez: Especially when a lot of us work in 1.0 Schools.

Alice Mercer: Yes, Jose

Lori A: I use terms and my co workers look at me funny - have to be careful what I say

Lori A: can't teach them all

Lori A: can't learn them all

Lisa Thumann: @Lori -keep using the terms - they'll get used to them

Maureen/bcdtech: I cut out a whole section of my pd moodle class this week- but my teachers have asked for an extra class on them.. I guess it's a god thing

Alice Mercer: I have to do a preso for primary, about using digital projectors May 1st

JoseRodriguez: I like a comment I caught on twitter. "If it isn't broke, don't fix it" It was regarding the diggo bandwagon.

Lori A: @Lisa Thumann - just not all in one day

Nergiz: Hi everybody. Back and listening

Lisa Thumann: @lori -right!!!!

Alice Mercer: They want new o/h projectors and dvd players, and I want them to get digital proojector

Lisa Thumann: @alice - o/h projecors Argh!!!!

Lori A: what about moving to document cameras to replace overheads

Maureen/bcdtech: @Alice- that's where we are- I'm pushing for projectors as the ifrst step

adinasullivan: They just bought us all new OH projecters

Lisa Thumann: @lori -the Elmo is inexpensive and a great idea

JoseRodriguez: We are starting to use document cameras also.

Alice Mercer: Seriously, and I still used mine last year for math, Doc cameras are expensive, but...

Alice Mercer: How much, I see some elmo

Durff: u mean scanners?

Alice Mercer: YEAH! Steve, thanks for merging and placing calendars

adinasullivan: Good idea Steve.

Maureen/bcdtech: How to merge them?

JoseRodriguez: Our admin did a survey to see who would like to use elmos or O/H projectors.

Maureen/bcdtech: look in embed code?

Lori A: my school uses airset calendars - want to figure out how to merge google with airset

Alice Mercer: Can you get Hitchikr?

JoseRodriguez: We use a weekly bulletin on paper put in our teacher boxes.

Alice Mercer: Scary

Durff: doesn't Hitchikr do that?

Maureen/bcdtech: please

Lisa Thumann: You can get an Elmo for about $600

adinasullivan: Jose - LOL us too

Durff: i live airset

JoseRodriguez: I set up google calendar for my previous school

Lori A: I personally use google - school uses airset

Durff: love

Alice Mercer: @Lisa that is a lot for 17 for a whole school.

Durff: sorry

Durff: txting too

JoseRodriguez: Hi Durff.

Alice Mercer: Getting Hitckr to google could be a BitB

Durff: eek to much power in my hand

Lisa Thumann: @Alice - yes, but share resources?

Durff: hi jose

Alice Mercer: Easy to bring in ETT cause it was already on google.

Alice Mercer: how was Andy's session?

Maureen/bcdtech: I spent 2 days taking our pdf calendar and reformatting to use on google... now "they" may not use it

JoseRodriguez: Shared calendars are good options for schools. Some district use them on local servers.

Alice Mercer: Eluminate is SO easy to get into.

Durff: andd then my principal started one!

Nergiz: Where did you say the NIng tutorial was?

Alice Mercer: Hmmm, thinking....

Bob Caro: Your ning presentation was the best example of what to do with the Elluminate system

JoseRodriguez: This week. Let's see.

adinasullivan: a little out this week w/ back to school

Maureen/bcdtech: Andy's conversation was great- could have gone on for hours


JoseRodriguez: Andy's conversation?

Durff: great! he may want to go over it

JoseRodriguez: Oh yeah I was there.... duh.

Bob Caro: I wasn't able to attend live, but the replay was perfect. I will be trying it out this weekend.

Nergiz: Thanks!

Lori A: I watched part of Lisa's smartboard ustream

Lisa Thumann: Have to go - have a great weekend everyone.

Bob Caro: Maybe an online demo of different tools could be a regular feature

JoseRodriguez: bye lisa

adinasullivan: The replays are great so can catch up ones that I can't attend, but want to

Alice Mercer: Yeah, like weird things we do with diigo?

Alice Mercer: wiki projects we've done

Alice Mercer: I did a math lesson with VoiceThread

Maureen/bcdtech: I watched the ning- enjoyed it, but need to find a way to listen standing up...literally falling asleep if I sit down this past week

Alice Mercer: Jose: u leaving soon?

JoseRodriguez: My students and I are starting to use voicethread.

JoseRodriguez: No, Alice. I am here.

Alice Mercer: Oh, you want 5 minute lightening round sessions?

Lori A: I had a class add to the geometry landmark VT put up by Martha

JoseRodriguez: We are showcasing voicethread for our local edtech conference next saturday.

JoseRodriguez: We are doing a voicethread on EarthDay

JoseRodriguez: @alice 5min what?

Alice Mercer: Anyone figure out how to control doodler in Voice Thread?

Alice Mercer: Lightening sessions

Durff: yes

JoseRodriguez: sure

Durff: but Jing has a time limit

JoseRodriguez: 5min

Alice Mercer: And the audio. Vyew requires a phone connection

Durff: the free one does

Alice Mercer: Does anyone want to try Vyew?

JoseRodriguez: I still use mp3 player and upload audio

Maureen/bcdtech: Jing =good quality, but file sizes are too big for slow connections

Durff: myt parents do - love hearing the young ones read

JoseRodriguez: StudyCasts are cool for kids to play on ipod, offline.

Alice Mercer: Yeah, my families do not have ubiquitous access, and many can't use tech except cell phone

Durff: if i can just get teachers to do it

adinasullivan: Alice - mine also

Alice Mercer: So where do we put proposals?

Maureen/bcdtech: @durff- bribe them with food

Durff: so many faculty don't allow cell phones

JoseRodriguez: cookies and milk

Durff: even principal

Alice Mercer: I'd like Math and tech projects we've done so I can learn what others are doing?

adinasullivan: English classes first/in conjunction with tech

Durff: kinda early jose

Durff: better eat better

JoseRodriguez: coffee?

adinasullivan: Maybe we share more with that wiki re: materials we are using to train (teachers and kids)

Alice Mercer: How do we see if there is interest?

JoseRodriguez: K12 Openlines?

Bob Caro: alice's hand is up

JoseRodriguez: Open Source, cool.

JoseRodriguez: We are migrating our PD to moodle.

Durff: that's all i use

Bob Caro: promote NECC

Durff: when is the next k12online deadline? The 2009 one

Lori A: I"m signed up for the unconference now

JoseRodriguez: We have our local Edtech Conference -- Infotech2008 in L.A.

Maureen/bcdtech: @durff- sorry, what do you use, for what?

JoseRodriguez: next Saturday.

Lori A: so cool

Durff: Maureen - i can't afford anything but free

Maureen/bcdtech: Oh- open source? missed the reference

Alice Mercer: Can I share something about awards to apply for:

Alice Mercer: NEA foundation

Durff: blogging is on classblogmeister, podcasting on podomatic and Gabcast

JoseRodriguez: @durff are you pushing the envelope again

adinasullivan: Looking forward to seeing how the UnConference plays out

Durff: video on vimeo


Bob Caro: you should ask for any members that live in the San Antonio area to do a reconnaissance mission to check out netcafes or hotspots in the vicinity of the convention center

Alice Mercer: Is now the time to share about events next week?

Durff: call in alice

Alice Mercer: Naw. It's Elementary

Lori A: DEN in SL holds Wed workshops

Lori A: this week is on moodle

Durff: Jose - I never stopped pushing

Maureen/bcdtech: K12 online was the eye-opener for me... could do it piecemeal- not overwhelming, but paradigm changing

Alice Mercer:

Durff: following orders to be here

JoseRodriguez: same here.

Moderator: has edtechtalk schedule in the calendar.

Bob Caro: to help polite people like alice (and to control people like me) maybe there could be a loose agenda on Steve's whiteboard when we start.


JoseRodriguez: thanks steve.

JoseRodriguez: Our spin is looking at tech use in the elementary classroom

adinasullivan: Good idea Bob

Durff: she's hired

JoseRodriguez: but k12 is welcome

JoseRodriguez: and beyond

adinasullivan: Loose agenda on the board

Moderator: wiki agenda

Moderator: For NECC fringe conference

adinasullivan: No, here

JoseRodriguez: oops too many mics are on. getting echo/feedback

Bob Caro: no one but me

JoseRodriguez: ok better now

JoseRodriguez: great.

Alice Mercer: Added agenda to white board

JoseRodriguez: reasearcher ports?

adinasullivan: Alice - cool

Bob Caro: since this is such a brainstorming environment, maybe as someone gets an idea about a topic, it could be added to the bottom of the whiteboard list

JoseRodriguez: I know that our district subscribs to several portals.

Alice Mercer:

Durff: we hear you alice

Maureen/bcdtech: Maybe off topic, but how do you all find time for teaching and presenting and keeping up?

JoseRodriguez: duplexing on Elluminate is not that great. You need to mute when not speaking.

Durff: ReallySeriousStressrelief = RSS

Alice Mercer: Maureen, I don't know if I am. I was very angry and tired this week

JoseRodriguez: RSS via???

Nergiz: I like that RSS definition

Durff: use it

JoseRodriguez: VAT so Alice Very Angry and Tired

Alice Mercer: But I'm also raising a son, cood an an afterschool program at my site, etc.

Lori A: thanks for twittering this - I have to remember to check the calendars. Please twitter these

Bob Caro: just an idea here...on your cr20 live converstions page, give a little recap next the the link to "previous discussions"

JoseRodriguez: I am jealous

Lori A: Wow

Durff: gotta fill the coffee....

Lori A: have a great day all thanks again

Bob Caro: just what was discussed and how it went - like an ad

JoseRodriguez: Cool, Have a great day.

Maureen/bcdtech: Thank you

adinasullivan: Have a great weekend all!

Alice Mercer: bye all!

Durff: thanks Steve!

Nergiz: Thanks!

JoseRodriguez: bye

Nergiz: Bye!

Durff: going to courosa's event

Bob Caro: I hope everybody else feels as good as I do after these discussions. Have a great week!

Moderator: Glad to hear it, Bob!