Weekly Recap for March 21, 2008
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    • WOW with danah boyd - Tuesday night

Chat log:

Joined on March 22, 2008 at 7:22 AM

Moderator: Starting in about 40 minutes.

Moderator: Starting in 30 minutes.

Left on March 22, 2008 at 7:34 AM

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Moderator: Starting in 15 minutes

Moderator: Could you hear me?

bmuench: i could hear you steve

Jane Krauss: I can, can you hear me?

lizbdavis: I can't hear anything. Hi everyone.

Jane Krauss: I do but it's greyed out... changing settings

lizbdavis: I'm working on it

lizbdavis: I'm trying to hear on my headphones, not through my speakers

Jane Krauss: great

Jane Krauss: I don't have my headset today... forgot it at a school

lizbdavis: I can hear now.

kstashuk: yep

Jane Krauss: ok fine

sylviamartinez: put the link on the whiteboard

Jane Krauss: yep

sylviamartinez: not me

bmuench: haven't had time yet

lizbdavis: I've played with diigo in the past, but not the new version.

bmuench: I'm letting my friends "filter" it for me

lizbdavis: How is it different from delicious

lizbdavis: I have looked at it

Jane Krauss: so enamored with good old del.icio.us I haven't bothered. Same w/ me bmuench! Steve, we'll read what you report from interview

lizbdavis: That wiki was started a long time ago

sylviamartinez: i'm sort of married to del.icio.us at this point

lizbdavis: She has just brought it up again.

Maureen: Trying Diigo, but tags are space separated and a lot of my tags are 2 words

Jane Krauss: doesn't firefox offer that now too? highlighting?

Jane Krauss: shared comments, yeah, that adds value

lizbdavis: Can you make groups out of your network in diigo?

sylviamartinez: i need things that suck in my twitter group

sylviamartinez: at this point, it's my strongest network

lizbdavis: Suck in?

sylviamartinez: import

Jane Krauss: grab her pals

Jane Krauss: followed and followers

sylviamartinez: right. i hate having to recreate groups

Barb in Nebraska: You can create groups in Twitter?

Simon Brown: hi all, it's Simon in Australia

lizbdavis: Steve - you are now following a test twitter that I made as an example for a workshop.

sylviamartinez: barb - not that i know. some people have multiple identities

lizbdavis: I wondered why that happened

lizbdavis: You still follow the real me too.

Barb in Nebraska: Sylvia, I feel like I have mulitple identities!

Jane Krauss: did you read warlick's post about managing your overloaded open networks?

Simon Brown: I usually check out followers friends/followers ratio before i follow them

Jane Krauss: this is so high school!

Barb in Nebraska: I also wonder why people follow me? I'm just a 'teacher' without a blog.

lizbdavis: No that is just human

Barb in Nebraska: Do they like my picture?

lizbdavis: My follow/followers are almost equal

sylviamartinez: no

lizbdavis: I just tweeted it

Barb in Nebraska: Who blogged about that?

Barb in Nebraska: Was it Will?

sylviamartinez: it's set to be the new new thing

lizbdavis: I don't follow people who don't have a bio and don't seem to be education related

lizbdavis: Or people who use profanity

lizbdavis: Or people who tweet in a different language

Barb in Nebraska: I don't follow people if they tweet in another language

Simon Brown: is profanity a different language?

sylviamartinez: oh, there is a tool somewhere.

lizbdavis: An RSS feed?

Barb in Nebraska: If I see some of my friends on their page, then I follow

lizbdavis: Have you tried terraminds

sylviamartinez: argh. this is when i ask twitter

Maureen: new to twitter and follow people whose names I recognize, now starting to follow people who teach the same age groups

Simon Brown: I thought Twitter in itself is an RSS feed?

sylviamartinez: no, that was great!

sylviamartinez: i felt like i got a scoop!

sylviamartinez: simon, you can use tweetscan.com to do twitter rss feeds on specific terms

lizbdavis: Can you Ustream it for those of us who can't go.

Jane Krauss: In art that's called the Salon de Refuses

sylviamartinez: LOL i said that as a joke

Durff: include people virtually in that unconference too

lizbdavis: Necc fringe festival

lizbdavis: I'm not sure my mic works

Simon Brown: thx Sylvia

Jane Krauss: refused

sylviamartinez: apparently it's true, there are no new ideas

Jane Krauss: COOL!

Durff: tweeting to Jabiz to join us

sylviamartinez: i can't wait to hear this in a texas accent

Durff: did we all hear about him?

Jane Krauss: People wi9ll love this

Durff: good tweet liz

lizbdavis: I really liked the way things were organized into conversations last year - not presentations.

Moderator: http://conference20.wikispaces.com/

Moderator: http://plannecc2008.iste.wikispaces.net/Bloggers+Cafe

lizbdavis: What kind of space will the cafe be in?

Jane Krauss: yep

Durff: ask for Starbucks

lizbdavis: Last year the open space might have made it more difficult to present in.

lizbdavis: I also found the bloggers cafe kind of intimidating last year.

lizbdavis: It would be good to have some "greeters"

Jane Krauss: hahaha

Moderator: Liz--do you have a mic?

lizbdavis: I think it will work

Maureen: @lizbdavis- yes, greeter! Last year was my first NECC- ovewhelming!

Durff: i'm waiting for 2009 on the east coast

Durff: i'll be overwhelmed then

sylviamartinez: 2009 is in DC!

Durff: yea!

Maureen: East Coast will be good- Still not approved for $, but made reservations and just hoping.

Barb in Nebraska: I'm going to my first NETA in Nebraska.

Durff: i always pay my own way

lizbdavis: Where on East Coast?

Barb in Nebraska: I've never been to one. NCLB is paying my way.

Jane Krauss: those smaller meetings are great, barb

sylviamartinez: barb, you will have fun

Durff: have fun Barb

Simon Brown: Hi Lisa

Barb in Nebraska: Will Richardson is our keynote

Jane Krauss: Anita is the best

Durff: hi Simon

sylviamartinez: love her

Maureen: @Druff- work at a private school, get paid about the same scale as McDonalds

Durff: that's me - only less

Barb in Nebraska: I'm intimidated by 'famous' bloggers too.

Durff: famous? who is famous?

sylviamartinez: greeters

Jane Krauss: I sometimes think they got great traction because they got there first

Durff: there you go - virtual greeters

Jane Krauss: lots of brilliant unfamous bloggers out there

Jane Krauss: It's web 2.0

Jane Krauss: but I don't like that in a name

Maureen: Famous?- the ones who reflect on their experience on their blogs- give me inspiration-information-expand my horizons

Barb in Nebraska: I don't have a blog, but I tweet!

Barb in Nebraska: Sure!

bmuench: lol

sylviamartinez: now is the time

Durff: names - that's difficult

Jane Krauss: this is a good topic to mull over.. can we post to a wiki or something?

lizbdavis: Maybe something with "conversations" in the name

Barb in Nebraska: South by SW had a big Tweet up

Barb in Nebraska: Not sure

lizbdavis: edutechco

sylviamartinez: conversation

lizbdavis: edutechcolabathon

Jane Krauss: hahaha liz

Barb in Nebraska: Educon Tweet Up

Durff: Collab 2.0?

sylviamartinez: liz! LOL

bmuench: tweet my eliminate ppl too

lizbdavis: Edutechothon

congerjan: love it liz...

Barb in Nebraska: Hey everyone, let's get together and talk a thon

sylviamartinez: tweet ups are usually impromtu meetings

Durff: Blabbuthon?

lizbdavis: educhatathon

Durff: Impromtuthon

sylviamartinez: convothon

Jane Krauss: oooh that's good

Simon Brown: Yadder Hoc

Durff: spell it better

Barb in Nebraska: Hi Jim!

lizbdavis: conversation

sylviamartinez: converthan

Jane Krauss: convocon, convocation, conversation

sylviamartinez: sorry, converthon

Durff: Converse-athon

sylviamartinez: yeah, i did

Durff: what is it?

Barb in Nebraska: I made a amito movie

lizbdavis: Can you drop the link for that

Simon Brown: Friend feed is fun

Simon Brown: I am http://friendfeed.com/sdbrown

Simon Brown: Flock is cool for feeds

Simon Brown: in a side bar

bmuench: i'm married to my netvibes pages

Simon Brown: Flock has huge feeds tools

Barb in Nebraska: Big month for me. I use VoiceThread for the first time too.

lizbdavis: Sylvia - great article in THE Journal this month.

Simon Brown: wish I could use Flock at work - locked down because of sharing

bmuench: my own feed page is already huge! i don't have time to surf my friends stuff too

sylviamartinez: thanks, liz!

Barb in Nebraska: I used this yesterday. animoto.com

Durff: Impromptu Connections? I'm still stuck on the title thing

Barb in Nebraska: animoto was fun. I think CoolCatTeacher tweeted this

Jane Krauss to Durff: you go durff

kstashuk: Friendfeed is essentially the 'home' page on FB, accept that it it presents news from the various site feeds you have added to it

sylviamartinez: will do.

Barb in Nebraska: Loved VoiceThread.

Barb in Nebraska: 3rd grade

SeanMcGaughey: HI Barb. Thanks for tweeting this.

Barb in Nebraska: I'll show you

SeanMcGaughey: Just trying to get the sound going here.

Jane Krauss to Durff: I used with kids and gave them all my one address.

Barb in Nebraska: HOw do you drop links?

Jane Krauss to Durff: It was a bogus email that voicethread let me create

Jane Krauss to Durff: oop sorry durff

sylviamartinez: @bmuench agree

Durff: uh?

Barb in Nebraska: Sorry, I can't figure this out. First time here.

Durff: i missed something Jane, as usual

Barb in Nebraska: I just recorded my students voice.

Jane Krauss: After the mtg do you mind putting up path to that tweet function of checking your gmail addresses? I can't find it.

sylviamartinez to Barb in Nebraska: barb - do you want to paste a link on the whiteboard?

Barb in Nebraska: Used their digital photo of their project

Barb in Nebraska: Yes, how do I do that?

Jane Krauss: I found it steve

sylviamartinez to Barb in Nebraska: click on the "A" on the left side of the whiteboard

sylviamartinez to Barb in Nebraska: just paste your link

sylviamartinez: you could just paste it in the chat

Jane Krauss: Yep, I found it, added two people

sylviamartinez: and i'll move it to the whiteboard

lizbdavis: WOW is at 9pm EST

Durff: 9pm est

Durff: yes

Durff: yes

lizbdavis: Yes

sylviamartinez: does anyone else have audio problems with WOW?

Jane Krauss: why would I listen to danah boyd?

sylviamartinez: hmmm

Jane Krauss: why would I listen to danah boyd?

sylviamartinez: just me, i guess!

Simon Brown: animoto is insane http://etools.ning.com/video/video/show?id=1113528%3AVideo%3A8341

Durff: my voice is having audio problems - i lost the voice

bmuench: when i have problems i just figure it's due to my mediocre internet connection

sylviamartinez: http://www.danah.org/

sylviamartinez: she's in the sherry turkle tradition

Barb in Nebraska: animoto is just really short

Maureen: I introd'ed my 9 yr od nephew to Animoto at TG- less than 5 minutes he had his first movie up- loved it. My 8th graders tried it out- liked it too

Barb in Nebraska: the free version is 30 second

Simon Brown: I'm using Ning with my students http://etools.ning.com/video/video/show?id=1113528%3AVideo%3A9561

sylviamartinez to Jane Krauss: honestly, i think she's gotten attention because it's timely and her mentor Peter Lyman, died a tragic, public death

Maureen: I'm looking for someone who knows how to set up google apps-team editon.

Durff: invited Dr. G into our discussion - he is now a Dr.!

Barb in Nebraska: LOL

Sean McGaughey: Hooray- I'm in. I had to switch to windows. Linux would run the client but not play the audio.

sylviamartinez: hi sean

Barb in Nebraska: Hi Sean, he's from Canada

sylviamartinez: oh! that was amazing

Simon Brown: brekky http://flickr.com/photos/stonemasonry/2296150794/

Sean McGaughey: Hi Barb-- Thanks for tweeting this.

sylviamartinez: she remembers her stroke

Durff: yes - so similar to what happened to me i cried the whole time

Sean McGaughey: I just got a smart board in my classroom and I'm very excited.

lizbdavis: Simon - I'm applying to present on using ning in the classroom. Thanks for the link.

Barb in Nebraska: Sean, do you follow the Smart Board guy on Twitter? I forgot his name

Durff: wow Sean!

Sean McGaughey: Not much to tell yet. I hooked it up and my grade 1s immediately started moving things around on the screen.

Jane Krauss: thanks for fixing

Sean McGaughey: Ben Hazzard. I just found out about him the other day.

Durff: good tweeting lthumann

Sean McGaughey: My kids love our smartboard.

Jane Krauss: http://www.classroom20.com/video/video/show?id=649749%3AVideo%3A121014

lthumann: Sean - Tween me @lthumann and I'll hook you uo with a bunch of SB resources

Jane Krauss: really fun

lthumann: I meant Tweet!

lizbdavis: Hi Lisa

Durff: so far

lthumann: Hi Liz!

sylviamartinez: tweet on

Jane Krauss: I need to stop following Andy Carvin. He takes up so much space!

Intrepidteacher: Hello all. Just got here

Barb in Nebraska: Jane, I stopped following him too, LOL

Durff: but i don't understand the need to follow

Simon Brown: ning is blocked in my classroom

lizbdavis: Can I bring up a topic.

Jane Krauss: YES, there are gems in there. Lots of "I'm eating a sandwich" too

Durff: people want to 'get a handle on' those they follow

Jane Krauss: He puts twitter to the hard test

Barb in Nebraska: I stopped following Andy after the south by SW thing with Facebook founder

Durff: like they have to read everything

Durff: i feel no such compulsion

Durff: hi liz

Barb in Nebraska: Andy was a blow by blow tweeting

lizbdavis: Hi Durff

Durff: hey Jabiz!

sylviamartinez: right

lthumann: Durff - Go Green!

Durff: how are you?

Barb in Nebraska: The questioner was flirting with the FB founder

Durff: Any job leads?

Intrepidteacher: Hi, I was out the door, but I thought I'd stop in for a sec. this is my first time

Simon Brown: have you seen this - most boring blog http://www.wibsite.com/wiblog/dull/

Intrepidteacher: What are we talkihng about?

sylviamartinez: barb, not true - they are friends and it was supposed to be informal

Jane Krauss to Intrepidteacher: hi there

Durff: have a mic Jabiz?

Jane Krauss: great

Intrepidteacher: Yes

Barb in Nebraska: sylvia, oh, I see, I missed that part

Durff: we are just talking about our weeks online

sylviamartinez: she was being attacked personally on twitter. people making sexist comments

Durff: we would love to hear from you Jabiz

Durff: i think the room knows you

KarenJan: Hi, everyone - just found out about this from liz's twit

Barb in Nebraska: Sean, also follow JamesHollis on Smartboard stuff

Intrepidteacher: I have been writing alot about my situation, so I think I may wait till I post that'

Maureen: I woudl love to have the opportunity to try things out at a conference- right when they are being intro'd..with the angels on my shoulder

KarenJan: Hi, everyone - just found out about this from liz's twit looks like I missed alot

Durff: ok, understand

Durff: Al Upton was on last night

sylviamartinez: ooo, people hate being told to do stuff

KarenJan: Hi, everyone - just found out about this from liz's twit looks like I missed alot (sorry Steve for sending it to you alone twice)

Durff: hi Karen

KarenJan: hi, durff

Simon Brown: sounds great Liz - how about some introductory sessions during preceding weeks?

congerjan: People do need to have time to play with the technology at a conference!

Durff: oh i know what she means

KarenJan: was busy blogging JOTT: A Powerful New Tool for Learning

Simon Brown: set some tasks and get them to play between sessions

Durff: i get insulted - really

Barb in Nebraska: I would love it too!

Christopher - Central NY: learn on demand model!

sylviamartinez: i think you have to deal with expectations

Maureen: why insulted?

Christopher - Central NY: continuous learning!

Barb in Nebraska: But if only one teacher gets something out of it, it's worth it, then it spreads

Intrepidteacher: OKay all. I am off into teh Doha night, with my iPod to see what i can find.

KarenJan: yes, the ripple effect

Durff: when i pay for a conference and someone hands me a worksheet type thing - 'tis insulting

Maureen: oh- thought you meant the hands-on, not the worksheet

Barb in Nebraska: I think sometimes people need to ruminate on the topics too

Durff: and those Powerpoint slide handouts - oi!

Durff: i expect Presentation 2.0

KarenJan: @durff - still so many are disappointed when they don't get those PPT handouts!

KarenJan: I hate them

Durff: if i pay!

Maureen: I used to like those, thoguht I'd save them for reference- but I never look at them

Barb in Nebraska: You might need a followup conference

KarenJan: give me the links online so that I can review the material when I need it

Durff: tough for them Karen - let them go elsewhere

Simon Brown: start a ning network and get them to join up

Barb in Nebraska: A followup to see how they are using the new tools and share ideas

Maureen: @Karen- yes online links to follow up

Barb in Nebraska: Simon, that's a good idea

Intrepidteacher: Thanks for the invite Durff, maybe next time.

congerjan: handouts through a wiki... way to go...

Durff: i put all handouts on a wiki and if someone wants them they can print them at home

sylviamartinez: yeah, don't give up

KarenJan: @durff - absolutely!

Durff: i give each participant a business card with the wiki url

KarenJan: great idea

Jane Krauss: I'd preface the meeting with: Let's test our own capacities to learn. Let's let go of sit n git.

Durff: are you leaviong us Jabiz?

Barb in Nebraska: Liz, since if't for a Catholic school, add Catholic priests to their twitter friends

Barb in Nebraska: Fr Roderick is one

sylviamartinez: agree with jane - you have to frame it for them

Barb in Nebraska: SQPN.com is a new media Catholic group

Simon Brown: put the handouts on the Ning network

Christopher - Central NY: Great model~

Maureen: Sylvia- what's your delicious?

Simon Brown: reading from the screen

Durff: they do need to adjust

KarenJan: when we model the power, that's a start

sylviamartinez: @maureen smartinez

Durff: good idea Simon if it's open and participants can get there

Maureen: thanks

Jane Krauss: Bring along the ones who are ready to go. They will teach others in time, or maybe not.

Durff: ah! Edupower

Christopher - Central NY: Can you learn to ride a bike by reading the instructions?

Durff: how's that for a title?

bmuench: @lthumann sounds like it went well

Barb in Nebraska: Durff, I like that one!

congerjan: Love Edupower...

Durff: me too - steve?

KarenJan: does this meet every saturday?

Jane Krauss: How does this meeting agenda come together steve?

lthumann: Thanks the workshops was a lot of fun.

Durff: yeah

Simon Brown: thanks Steve have a great Easter break

Durff: ok!

Barb in Nebraska: Thanks, this was fun!

Jane Krauss: How does this agenda come together Steve?

lizbdavis: You too Steve. Thanks for doing this.

Durff: invite Jabiz in for an interview like you did with Al

sylviamartinez: thanks!

lthumann: Thanks Steve

Christopher - Central NY: Thanks!

Durff: for future times

KarenJan: great idea - week in review

congerjan: Thanks everyone! I had fun!

Durff: i like it too

Maureen: Thanks

Christopher - Central NY: great opportunity

Simon Brown: bye everyone

KarenJan: see you all on twitter!

Durff: synchronous learning

Jane Krauss: thansk a lot

Durff: see you all!

sylviamartinez: cya

Jane Krauss: thanks everyone

Durff: and everyone tweet to confound congerjan