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Chat Log:

Joined on March 29, 2008 at 7:43 AM

Rob Letcher: Hi Steve

Rob Letcher: First time here

Moderator: Great. Welcome.

Moderator: Any trouble getting in?

Rob Letcher: nope

Rob Letcher: We "elluminate' daily where I work

Moderator: Good stuff

Moderator: Have you got a mic?

susant: hello!

Rob Letcher: I do, but not in the immediate vicinity

Moderator: Hi, Susan!

Rob Letcher: Hi Susan!

Rob Letcher: loud and celar

Rob Letcher: clear

Rob Letcher: ah better

lizbdavis: Good morning everyone

Jeff Wendorf: Hello

Rob Letcher: Hey Liz!

susant: hi Liz

Maureen: Hi Liz- computer working this morning?

susant: nice to be here

susant: im in israel

lizbdavis: Seems to be

susant: On the coast near Haifa

lizbdavis: Have to go get my kids a snack. Be right back

susant: Yes, home with family, tomorrow school

Miz Mercer: I sometimes tag stuff with "week1"

Miz Mercer: Wah, not me, wish I could

lizbdavis: I'm back. My kids are on the other computer.

Miz Mercer: Liz: My guys are still asleep

Miz Mercer: yep

susant: yes

lizbdavis: @MizMercer how old are they? What time is it where you are?

Jeff Wendorf: I see it

Maureen: yes

Elizabeth Hubbell: i see it

Miz Mercer: Most of the folks going to CUE just did NOT seem to want active participation of any sort?

rozansdm: i see it

susant: Hi Ariella

Miz Mercer: I guess with more people at NECC will create a solid group of people looking for 2.0 experience

lizbdavis: I'm not going to be at NECC this year Hope to participate virtually.

Miz Mercer: Me2 liz

Alice Barr: me2 liz and Mizmercer

lizbdavis: I will be at Building Learning Communities. I'm even presenting there. Practitioners strand

Elizabeth Hubbell: same; no one from McREL is going

lizbdavis: Hi Alice - I got your message. Did you see my response?

Miz Mercer: I think Liz? You're not going to NECC?

Rob Letcher: blank screen

Rob Letcher: grey

Miz Mercer: Bandwidth? That was an issue at CUE?

Alice Barr: @lizbdavis Will check now

Rob Letcher: there you go

Miz Mercer: I still see it

Rob Letcher: BRB

lizbdavis: NECC is too far for me. BLC is local.

Miz Mercer: Yeah, I could see it being an issue

lizbdavis: I think it would be good to have some people designated as greeters.

lizbdavis: Sorry to repeat myself

lizbdavis: I played with Flock this week.

Miz Mercer: Can I share thoughts about CUE?

susant: yes

Brumbaugh: I saw two videos on Wes Fryer's site about blogging

Miz Mercer: Those were funny Brubaugh

Maureen: @Liz- did you post your screencast re flock?

Brumbaugh: The big thing was the Diigo Educators group.

Miz Mercer: Sure

Maureen: I tried new FF- but not all the add-ons work yet

kstashuk: here is the flock screencast http://edtechpower.blogspot.com/2008/03/figuring-out-flock.html

Alice Barr: Liz's post for Flock is at edtechpower.blogspot.com

Chris Bell: i've been testing flock this week. it's worked out well

mmiller7571: is Flock a mac program?

Maureen: Do you think the sustainiblity will evolve? I know a lot more now than I did last year

Chris Bell: i believe flock is platform independent

Brumbaugh: the lack of access at CUE has been a problem

Maureen: After listening in to Will yesterday- talking about tagging the Tn conference and sharing the learing expanding the network really rang true with me

Brumbaugh: there has been no back channel at CUE.... Will's talk on uStream yesterday and the Back channel was great

mmiller7571: how can NECC ustream since it is a conference that you pay for? wouldn't that be illegal? Please explain what you mean

mmiller7571: do you mean people in the session would ustream it or the speaker or conference would ustream it

hansman: interesting to join you guys

Miz Mercer: http://mercertraining.edublogs.org/

susant: hi hans

Miz Mercer: http://www.edtechnetwork.org/

hansman: Hi .. I am just listening - because I did not work on Flock

Durff: acsi northeast won't yet allow ustreaming

HeatherD: I think it should be up to the speaker.

lizbdavis: I'm back - will probably have to run again.

Durff: Dembo at PETE-C was ustreamed during his keynote

Durff: Diigo!

Alice Barr: diigo lots of chat!

Brumbaugh: Diigo was huge....

Miz Mercer: I'm off mic now

Miz Mercer: My preso will include diigo

Brumbaugh: <--- can't get mic to work

jim w: daygo !

mmiller7571: you have to go through mic set up brumbaugh that happened to me last week

hansman: My Diigs idea is focusing on Webslide Shows

Brumbaugh: Lucy Gray has a EdTech Diigo group running

Miz Mercer: Yes

janelowe: great idea steve

lizbdavis: It does

Alice Barr: That would be great

Durff: @Brumbaugh did you check tools at the top?

Chris Bell: makes perfect sense

mmiller7571: can you repeat that steve my daughter interrupted you

rozansdm: it does

congerjan: Yes... a uniform vocabulary of tags...

hansman: What about webslide shows on Diigo Steve?

Brumbaugh: @durff.... I didn't....

Durff: try that

Brumbaugh: I will....

Maureen: Is that a group or a list?

lizbdavis: We could use some librarians in that work group.

mmiller7571: Oh that's a good idea but there are tons on Scott Mccleods wiki

Elizabeth Hubbell: wikis...yes! People are always asking for wiki examples in the classroom

mmiller7571: They are not grouped the way you are explaining though

Miz Mercer: Yes

mmiller7571: Yes Let me try to find that link

janelowe: that would also provide more opportunities for teachers to work collaboratively with similar classes around the world

Brumbaugh: I think there is a lot of information out there... but there is no organization

lizbdavis: There are lots of lists of blogs - this would put them in one place and organize them

mmiller7571: yes, they need to be grouped. My 4th grade teachers could see 4th grade blogs

Brumbaugh: I have two or three wiki's that serve different purposes....

Maureen: I like the idea- make a group and then use lists within it

congerjan: We have been talking about it on twitter this week... need a controlled vocabulary for tags

lizbdavis: Coming up with the tags will challenging.

lizbdavis: Steve could you demo on diigo how we would do that.

hansman: more actions on groups please!

mmiller7571: new teachers need grouped lists to see age appropriate examples

mmiller7571: I love some of the K blogs but they are not appropriate for 4th grade

Alice Barr: Lisa Parisi and some folks are getting together tomorrow at 10:15 AM EST to talk about Diigo

lizbdavis: We could use some library media specialists to help with this - are there any here right now?

Alice Barr: Vis Skype if anyone wants to join in!

Alice Barr: We are just going to explore

janelowe: maybe if we know what the tags will be we can then tag some of own and cut the task down

Alice Barr: THat would be great !

lizbdavis: Sounds good. Maybe we could all look into that for homework.

Elizabeth Hubbell: I'd need to play with Diigo, but I'd be happy to take part in this.

janelowe: i would love to know more about diigo. i have only just started using it

Brumbaugh: well... trying to figure out the mic settings and giving up and using the back channel

Alice Barr: I am wrestling with why I would use this instead of delicious

mmiller7571: Why diigo instead of delicious? The highlighting feature or what

Rob Letcher: haven't tried importing from Delicious yet

Brumbaugh: I was able to import Del.icio.us

Rob Letcher: Love the highlighting feature in Diigo

HeatherD: i'm finding diigo slow...anyone else?

hansman: Diigo with webslides I will use in my group DigiSkills

susant: does diigo work well on IE yet?

Rob Letcher: Also think the networking is easier

Alice Barr: @brumbaugh about how many links?

Brumbaugh: @alicebarr about 500 or so

HeatherD: i imported bookmarks from delicious ok...and love the highlighting.

JLWagner: Brand new to diigo -- still figuring it out. Love the WebSlide option in LISTS

Durff: there are updates for both Diigo and FireFox - that may help

Rob Letcher: Gotta run the kid to soccer - I'll catch up with the recording. Thanks!

Alice Barr: @brumbaugh Thanks

lizbdavis: I like being able to share my bookmarks with a group with just one click - more complicated on Delicious.

HeatherD: that makes sense. thanks.

Brumbaugh: I also like the highlighting and sticky note functions

Alice Barr: I am worried have a few thousand

Brumbaugh: It took me 2 tries to get it done

Durff: Alice you are famous

congerjan: steve- did you put out an invite to the Conference20 wiki?

lizbdavis: My tags that came in from delicious are very disorganized. Only seem to list as a cloud - not alphabetically.

JLWagner: Can we join different elluminate lives to increase the audience -- I have an account too

susant: that sounds great

hansman: What about using YackPack?

JLWagner: 100 sounds like a small amount

JLWagner: LOL

mmiller7571: 100 sounds small to Jen since she is used to so many in WOW

Brumbaugh: I think the fact that elluminate is letting people in for free is a bit plus.

JLWagner: we have not hit 100

lizbdavis: Most of us are not as popular as Jen

JLWagner: I am thinking of like CUE events

Durff: hi Jen!

JLWagner: we could be using this - like we use Ustream??

mmiller7571: Are you using this instead of talkshoe from now on

Elizabeth Hubbell: can you send video through elluminate?

hansman: YackPack is great as well!!!!!!!!

Durff: yea, my question

Brumbaugh: I think this would be great.... I really took part in my first UStream with Will's presentation yesterday

mmiller7571: this is easier for me right now

JLWagner: because -- in comparision to ustream -- this has ALOT more options

JLWagner: for collaboration

JLWagner: and ability for conversation too

Miz Mercer: I'm seeing something on the screen that is missing Steve

mmiller7571: I do love being able to see your screen but I want to look around your screen and I can't

lizbdavis: I don't have video on this computer - too bad I think this is actually a good hair day for me.

Chris Bell: the school i work for has finally agreed to a 10 user license. am looking forward to using it for tutoring

hansman: I also use eyejot Steve

lizbdavis: But no video camera on this computer

JLWagner: but we have a whiteboard too?? somewhere -- is it blocked by your screen

Brumbaugh: What is eyejot?

hansman: In eyejot there a groups as well!!!!!

mmiller7571: I just want to be able to scroll around

lizbdavis: I like the idea.

Durff: the official Good Hair Liz Day

JLWagner: eyejot??

lizbdavis: What is eyejot?

Durff: oh that is cool

hansman: yes, my name hansfeldmeier - I use it

lizbdavis: Hi Hans

susant: what about wiziq?

Durff: FF add on thingy

JLWagner: Look at that -- so ready to go

Miz Mercer: Steve: I notice that you don't have CUE*FETC on the Conf 2.0 page

JLWagner: Yack

Durff: i haven't found a conferencing feature in eyejot

Miz Mercer: Yack pack

JLWagner: YackPack

JLWagner: VUU??

Miz Mercer: I have

Durff: Vyew?

susant: no doesn't support hebrew

hansman: I use Yackpack and eyejot in my classroom

susant: anyone tried yakkle

susant: vyew doesn't support hebrew

Brumbaugh: I have submitted three presentations to FETC/CUE Innovative Learning Conference in San Jose

Durff: no susan - get on mic and tell us

Elizabeth Hubbell: any news on marratech since google bought it?

Alice Barr: Yugma?

Brumbaugh: It is in October

Durff: takes up a lot of bandwidth i think

susant: Durff I haven't managed to get it to work, but someone on twitter recommended it

Moderator: http://www.yugma.com/

JLWagner: I was not happy with yugma -- tried it for about 3 months

Maureen: YackPack costs$ now doesn't it?

Moderator: http://www.yackpack.com/

Moderator: http://www.eyejot.com/

hansman: I will organise some YackPack session on different topics within my group DigiSkills -anyone interested in?

JLWagner: It might have been my machine -- not sure -- but it crashed quite a bit stalled and too many dings when people typed in text

JLWagner: WE californians can be such snobs

susant: WOW!

lizbdavis: Wow!

JLWagner: WOO HOOO Congrats

Alice Barr: Congratulations!

Durff: PARTY!

JLWagner: tossing confetti

Carlos Raul: @hansman, I'm interested, when and what time, and about what?

Alice Barr: Virtual Party!

rozansdm: @hansman, I'm interested

Durff: susan try the tools menu at the top

hansman: Being a member of Europe - Germany - I sorry the focus is mainly on USA

Brumbaugh: http://www.ilc2008.org/

Durff: YackPack is free

susant: Durff, I meant I couldnt get yakkle to work

hansman: Yes it is

Brumbaugh: Link to the San Jose Innovative Learning conference

hansman: www.eyejot.com

susant: http://www.wiziq.com

lizbdavis: So much going on on the West Coast.

Durff: Anyone use NetMeeting with students to teach backchanneling?

lizbdavis: Where is NECC next year 2009?

susant: tried it with a friend

susant: but not with more people

Alice Barr: @lizbdavis Yahoo!

JLWagner: Yes!!! It will be THE NECC

Durff: I'm there

Alice Barr: Wasy for us

dhuston2: I use wiziq and it works great--use it all the time for out of class review with my students

Carlos Raul: Wiziq is similar to elluminate but it freezes sometimes

lizbdavis: I could get to DC

Maureen: @durff- saw your twitter re netmeeting- can you talk about that?

Brumbaugh: I think the best thing there to teach back channelling would be the side bar in google presentations

JLWagner: We need a 2 day EDUCON in DC

Durff: but I know nothing maureen

Alice Barr: @JLWagner That would be cool!

Durff: asking the network

lizbdavis: Party at my house during BLC.

hansman: If this network CR is growing - you have to think about sharing in different continents

JLWagner: Everyone is going to add tme to the their trip for DC

JLWagner: Yes, in January

JLWagner: but I meant -- EduBloggerCon

Miz Mercer: So CUE*FETC is basically CUE up north

JLWagner: not EduCon

JLWagner: you could do 2 days easily in DC

Durff: welcome Europe

dhuston2: on wiziq u can't share web sites with students though--just white board and pdf and ppt

JLWagner: that would be great -- a lot can change in 1 year

Maureen: can you schedule constructivist day not on the same day as edublogger?

Alice Barr: It would be great for attendees to see an Educon model

Durff: So we need 4 days to be there

JLWagner: As long as we don't travel in herds and isolate ourselves to just us

Maureen: good!

Alice Barr: So important to take this stuff to classroom

Durff: travel in herds...good words

JLWagner: yes, we are known to travel in herds -- I am sure I am not the only one who has noticed

Alice Barr: @JLWagner

Brumbaugh: I tried to get a connection at the bloggers cafe at CUE and found the connection problematic at best

Durff: I noticed - I can't keep up with the herd

lizbdavis: I thought it was a little intimidating to see all the big time bloggers in there. Chris Lehman came and said hello to me. He is so nice.

Brumbaugh: I would have also liked the Blogger's session to be on the Thursday instead of Wednesday

JLWagner: Smiles -- it was the Iwannabeablogger at the cafe

JLWagner: unless you were Steve with a built in card

congerjan: Yeah... that would be great for those of us who can't go...

Durff: that's cute

JLWagner: I think a NIGHTLY refresh would be great

Alice Barr: Maybe gretters need be in Bloggers Cafe

JLWagner: Yes, that would be a GREAT idea


Durff: but Liz - you ARE a big blogger

JLWagner: Put me down as a greeter

JLWagner: Yes, Lisa -- but the inner circle does seem intimidating at time

JLWagner: smiles-- but we are breaking the inner circle apart

JLWagner: Can I talk too???

Alice Barr: @JLWagner Important for people just starting

JLWagner: how can I talk??

Durff: i can see that - but i am rarely if ever intimidated - too dense

Maureen: Yes- as a newbie!!yes, yes, yes!

Elizabeth Hubbell: I agree; I felt that CUE was much more approachable than NECC

Durff: yes Jen!

JLWagner: do I just click on the microphone

Claire Hertz: this will be my first time to attend NECC, and I would love to meet some of you there

Durff: oh how?

congerjan: @Durff... aren't you a rock star?

Durff: hold down the Ctrl+F2 button below chat

JLWagner: ohhhh my mic is on??

JLWagner: nope

Durff: congerjan you are sooo funny

JLWagner: on my mac

Claire Hertz: that helps me

Brumbaugh: @Durff... you are part of the inner circle....

Claire Hertz: yes

Claire Hertz: this will be my first necc

Brumbaugh: I feel like I am just now on the fringe....

Claire Hertz: and I want to connect with you there

Miz Mercer: YOU can do it!

Miz Mercer: Yeah

JLWagner: hmmm mic isn't working

Durff: @Brumbaugh hate to burst your bubble - but i am not


Maureen: Hi Claire- it'll be my 2nd NECC, hoping not to feel so overwhelmed.

HeatherD: Not sure if I can make NECC, but if not, I'll be there virtually!

lizbdavis: Go up to the tools menu and choose your input device.

JLWagner: I think we need name tags

Brumbaugh: Claire... you need to go for it...people will be nice.

JLWagner: with tags

JLWagner: I always introduce!!!

JLWagner: you know how they add thelittle tags

lizbdavis: Sashes

Alice Barr: Greeeters need to be out on the fringe

JLWagner: the ribbons

lizbdavis: Miss Classroom 2.0 2008

Alice Barr: and really welcome folks in

JLWagner: we need add on ribbons

Alice Barr: Some may be intimidated

Durff: Jen - audio setop wizard didn't work for you?

Alice Barr: LOVE THAT!

Durff: mugs

Durff: with coffee

jim w: colour code se t groups?

lizbdavis: Hats

JLWagner: LOL -- we can carry flags

congerjan: Jen- did you go to preferences on your Mac? Elluminate made me set up my mic the first first time I downloaded it...

Alice Barr: HATS! GREAt Idea!

JLWagner: where is preferences on my Mac??

JLWagner: you mean system preferences

Brumbaugh: I don't have to wear anything... just look for the shine off my dome!

Durff: under tools?

lizbdavis: And like you Jen

congerjan: Click on the Elluminate Live! next to File and choose preferences

Alice Barr: @JLWAGner System Prefs> Sound Pick mic

Miz Mercer: Did we want to do a diigo groups event?

Durff: tring to get my principal into the beginner's one

lizbdavis: Like Moodle?

JLWagner: I can't talk

JLWagner: sadness


Brumbaugh: @steve Did you see that Miguel blogged on PortableApps?

Maureen: Trying to get my teachers in my moodle class to go wed... after my class

Miz Mercer: Type it in?

Durff: they'll be fantastic as always

JLWagner: we met him at EdubloggerCon

Durff: GO ALICE!

jim w: 7th

Durff: 7th?

Maureen: 7th

Claire Hertz: thanks to those of you who are so encouraging about NECC - I'm writing down your names, and will be searching you out at NECC -

JLWagner: Clair -- I look forward to meeting you

Moderator: http://drop.io/

congerjan: Drop.io. It looked great... especially since I had to pay to send a fax this week...

congerjan: Didn't try it...

susant: yes

JLWagner: you can merge calendars

JLWagner: meaning you can SHOW yours

JLWagner: like SHARE

Maureen: you can set up your sharing

Durff: I prefer Airset

Maureen: under manage?

JLWagner: yes, they overlap when you share

Brumbaugh: there is... you just have to create a calendar and share it with others.

Brumbaugh: and you can see the different calendars in your own

JLWagner: or we need to know in advnace of things like this

JLWagner: if it hadn't been twittered I would not have known

Alice Barr: If yo make a google calendar people can subscribe to it

JLWagner: having a master list would be helpful!!

Durff: Alice - didn't she change her time?

Alice Barr: That would be really helpful

congerjan: Gotta run... thanks for a great morning..

Maureen: subscribe and Rss the calendar

JLWagner: Steve is there a reason you don't do this through EdTechTalk too??

Alice Barr: OOOOo That would be GREAT!

Alice Barr: And great to send newbies to

kstashuk: That is what ical feeds are great for. Everyone creates an ical feed for their shows, then one place aggregates them all

JLWagner: I wonder if you could host the archives there though

JLWagner: yes

JLWagner: just make them more available in a variety of ways

Maureen: I have the classroom 2.0 Live conversations on my cal, I wonder if others see it when I share?

JLWagner: I want to be a greeter -- and I will help with the calendar too

Miz Mercer: the google calendar id is edtechtalk and it is public

JLWagner: and we can figure out this MIC

susant: how about a mashed rss feed of the calendars

JLWagner: Ohhhh Conference on the Fringe

JLWagner: I love it

JLWagner: oh -- someone already owns it??

Durff: excellent - i want to demo google calendar next year in study skills for time management

JLWagner: this was great

JLWagner: thanks

Elizabeth Hubbell: thank you!

Maureen: Thanks

susant: thank you!

lizbdavis: Thanks Steve.

Claire Hertz: Thank you Steve - it was a pleasure

Alice Barr: Thank you so much!

janelowe: thanks everyone

Carlos Raul: clap, clap, clap

lizbdavis: My kids are running wild, so I should probably pay attention to them.

jim w: thanks

Ariella: thank you. bye

lizbdavis: You too.

Durff: see you all!

susant: bye all - thanks

rozansdm: bye