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Lorraine: yes

mark: yes

Branka: yes

Kathy Matthes: Yes.

treardon: yes

Roger Carroll: Not now

Kathy: I'm trying wikis in my ed tech college classroom this session.

Kathy: I teach ed tech for K-12 teachers.

Kathy: It's just starting.

Kathy: Vicki Davis' website is inspiring.

mark: I am working on my first wiki now. I have the same issue you have. It seems difficult at the start.

Moderator (Adam Frey) to Adam Frey, Steve Hargadon: Steve, do you want people to use the mic to talk?

bill: Are you looking for people to talk or txt?

Kathy: The CommonCraft video is a good introduction to wikis (and blogs).

Kathy: I

Kathy: I'll get it.


Branka: Common Craft's Web site

Kathy: Wikis in Plain English (Common Craft video):

Moderator (Steve Hargadon): If you want to watch the video you can click the play button. It plays on your screen.

Jim gates: public url, for one thing

Kathy: I'm not familiar with Google Docs. Tell your teachers to look at Wikipedia.

Jim gates: private docs with google docs

Manish Kothari to Adam Frey, Steve Hargadon: How are teachers using wikis in classrooms? What are the main benefits according to teachers & students?

rod: Since we are talking about Google Docs, I think everyone might be interested in reading this article that was recently published in the Houston Chronicle.


Kathy: There are some interesting links on Google about Google doc vs. wikis.

mark: I have a question rather than a comment. Does anyone have suggestions for setting up an RSS Feed to keep track of updates to your classroom wiki?

rod: The article discusses the fact that you may lose ownership of your material when you use Google Docs or a similar program that is hosted on a server you do not own.

Moderator (Steve Hargadon):

Kathy: That article says: But the technological promise has a dark lining: once you put your data — or notes or story drafts — on a cloud, they're not really yours anymore.

rod: Yes, Kathy. Thanks for posting that quote from the article.

rod: Isn't the same thing true when you use these free sites to host your wiki or blog?

Moderator (Steve Hargadon): Good question for Adam!

Kathy: Well, you have your own wiki site and administration.

Kathy: You could delete it.

Moderator (Steve Hargadon): And a chance to talk about Creative Commons.

rod: There are backups.

bill: What happens when multiple people are editing one page and they go to save? Any recommendations

Jim gates to Mark Ahlness: Mark - I'm a big fan of your blog. I tell your stories frequently in my tipline blog

Moderator (Steve Hargadon): Is there anyone here who wants to know how to start using wikis?

Lucinda: yes

wendy quinones: I do

Celia: yes please

mark: Absolutely. Looking for ideas.

Sherene: me too

Cheryl: yes especially with young students

Lorraine: yes... a demo of how to set up a wiki

treardon: I would like to know where and how to start

Kathy: What is Creative Commons?

wendy quinones: I want to know how to get students involved.

Lorraine: also interested in what can be posted..images, video, audio?

art teacher: yes, I'm a beginner

Cheryl: I'd also like more info on Creative Commons

Ann-NJTechTeacher: Creative Commons

Moderator (Steve Hargadon): Bob--your scratchy...

wendy quinones: bad audio

Kathy: Can't hear him.

art teacher: static

rod: Creative Commons offers you a way to choose more flexible copyright options for material you create.

Cheryl: too scratchy

Lucinda: bob?

mar524nch: no not right now

rod: CCommons offers a range of options.

Kathy: Here are some links for using wikis in K12 classrooms:

Ann-NJTechTeacher: It allows you to give permission to reuse, mix, or share your work without the other person having to track you down and ask permission.

Kathy: For teachers new to wikis:

Kathy: How can I use wikis in the classroom:

Lorraine: can't

Kathy: There's a web tour in the way.

Lorraine: see arbor heights.

Kathy: I see Arbor Heights

Kathy: Okay. It's gone.

Lorraine: good

Jim gates to Mark Ahlness: bingo

wendy quinones: echo!

Kathy: Hi Lucinda!

Jim gates: can't hang for this part, but thanks, adam, for your OUTSTANDING contribution to education around the world!

Lucinda to Kathy: Hi, Kathy

Lucinda to Kathy: thanks for the second link - couldn't get in on first

Kathy: You're welcome, Lucinda. So glad you made it.

jorrflv: no

wendy quinones: no

Moderator (Steve Hargadon): coming up.

Celia: no

Lorraine: on whiteboard

Roger Carroll: yes

Lorraine: yes

Lucinda: no

jorrflv: just the webtour

mar524nch: yes i see it

Lorraine: wiki in front

Cheryl: yes

jorrflv: yes

Lucinda: yes

LindaN: Web tour is working for me tonight!

mark: yes

treardon: yes

Bob Martin: got it

Moderator (Steve Hargadon): I closed the web tour so everyone could see it.

Kathy: Steve, the link on your blog page that announces this seminar doesn't work. The link in Classroom 2.0 discussion board info works.

Moderator (Steve Hargadon): Thanks, Kathy!

Kathy: But it costs $5 per month for higher ed teachers.

Lucinda: is it okay to use for K-12 if you are in a credential program?

Kathy: Adam - did you see Lucinda's question?

Kathy: Okay. Thanks.

Lucinda: thank you

Moderator (Steve Hargadon): The desktop sharing uses a little more bandwidth, but your speed seems to be OK.

Lorraine: Is there a limit on video, audio size?

mark: When your wiki page is private, do your students only need the web address, or is it password protected?

Bob Martin: was that 2G of storage?

Bob Martin: thanks

Ann-NJTechTeacher: I've always wondered about storage size. Thanks for that information.

jorrflv: Adam is awesome at this he got my studnets up and going in no time at all.

Bob Martin: and a good email address?

jorrflv: no email address required

Bob Martin: awesome

Moderator (Steve Hargadon): But they won't get notifications of changes, right?

Lucinda: is there some sort of "tracking" to see who posted something objectionable?

Moderator (Steve Hargadon): Everything that everyone does is recorded.

bill: Can i ask...what happens when you have more then 1 person editing one page? Should you limit the how many people at one time/page? We have lost data when "reverting"

Moderator (Steve Hargadon): So you always have an ability to see who has done what.

Lorraine: Can you preview posts in a wiki if you are a wiki moderator/teacher?

bill: thanks!

jorrflv: is that a recent change

jorrflv: my students have had trouble with editing at the same time

jorrflv: ok

jorrflv: yes, totally agree

Lorraine: ok, thanks

Moderator (Steve Hargadon): I agree!

art teacher: yes

Lorraine: yes

wendy quinones: yes!

wendy quinones: great point, steve

treardon: I would like to know what others have actually used a wiki for...I have some ideas but would like to hear what was successful for others

Moderator (Steve Hargadon): @treardon Check out

treardon: thank you

Lucinda: that's cool...and easy

n2teaching: This is a tool that I use frequently. It is great!

Moderator (Steve Hargadon) to Adam Frey, Steve Hargadon: Did you want to draw in Sarah at any point? Maybe when you talk about the 250,000 more?

bill: here is an example of one of my teachers work.. Its an english class and they posted their reflections

wendy quinones: So you can make the link before you make the second page?

Moderator (Adam Frey) to Adam Frey, Steve Hargadon: sure

Moderator (Steve Hargadon): @wendy Yes!

Kathy: Does anyone create a sign up sheet for editing times?

Moderator (Steve Hargadon): That's part of the beauty of it.

Moderator (Steve Hargadon): On-the-fly organizing.

wendy quinones: So linking creates the page?

Cheryl: This is great - I always made the page then tried to figure out the linking!

wendy quinones: Yes, sounds very simple.

Lucinda: did you see Kathy's question?

Ann-NJTechTeacher: THANK YOU for extending the number of wikis you are offering to educators!!!

art teacher: I'm hoping to integrate technology with the visual arts. I'm glad we can import video into the wiki. I also would like to discuss art work using wikis. Could links be used for this or would it be better if it was in the body of the Wiki. Again, I am new to this.

Lucinda to Kathy: I gave it a shot, Kathy....

tiger: where can I find the answer to the question by jorrflv: my students have had trouble with editing at the same time

Moderator (Steve Hargadon): @kathy: I haven't seen that.

Moderator (Steve Hargadon): I don't think you usually need it.

Lucinda: delay feedback


Kathy to Lucinda: Thanks!

jorrflv: I usually made it outside work so the chances that they were working at the same time were the same

Lucinda to Kathy: my boyfriend graduated from USC so he told me to make nice....

Kathy to Lucinda: Lucinda - make nice to me?

Moderator: Did you close the web tour? If so, did you mean to?

Lucinda to Kathy: anybody who was a Trojan!

Kathy to Lucinda: Grin.

Adam Frey: Steve, I lost network for a sec. Can you make me a moderator again?

Kathy to Lucinda: Say hi to him for me.

wendy quinones: I like the idea of using a wiki for portfolios

crwilliams: I'm just beginning to broach a wiki in the classrm. I hope to link with a classroom in France on the discussion tab. I'd also like students to post their independent work which they used to just share in summary form orally. Now they'll have choices and post as they finish portions of their independent works-reading stories, watching French films, listening to French songs, etc. Then they can also post links to their research sources.

Lucinda to Kathy: He's making the conquest sign and singing the song..... again

art teacher: That would work for art portfolios also.

Cheryl: I love the way older students can make use of this medium but how are people using this with K-3 students?

Moderator (Steve Hargadon):

Kathy: I'm going to be using a wiki for group projects.

wendy quinones: Rijssenbeek

Lorraine: Is there a minimum age for students posting on wikis? Do teachers request parent permission to access wikis?

wendy quinones: (I copied it

Bob Martin: @cheryl: I have seen teachers use wikis in K-3 to teach the basics of research, free writing as a group and collaborative storytelling

Kathy to Lorraine: LOL.

Lorraine: Thank you..okay.

Kathy: Good question, Lorraine.

Robert Hagan: rijssenbeek

Kathy: Perhaps the school needs to set policies?

jackie gerstein: I teach upper elementary school and use parent permission to protect the school and me. It is a general computer use permission form.

Ann-NJTechTeacher: Cheryl - some teachers and I created a project where they drew each other's monsters from a description, then they reflected on the work:

Ann-NJTechTeacher: That was second and third grade students

Kathy: Wow, Ann!

wendy quinones: I'd like to see that rujssenbeek link

Lucinda: i like that Cheryl

Cheryl: I plan to begin with a small group of afterschool students and have asked for parent permission

wendy quinones: oops -- rijssenbeek

Kathy: I'm also interested in figuring out how to use wikis for English Comp classes.

Lucinda: whoops, I mean Ann

Kathy: Lucinda - maybe create a parental permission form for students using wikis in your classroom.

Ann-NJTechTeacher: It was a good project. We're going to do it again in January.

Kathy: Hi Melanie!

Melanie Lee: Hi Kathy

Kathleen DeLander: Is anyone using wikis with parents as well as the students?

Kathy: Good to see you came.

Lucinda: good question, Kathleen

Melanie Lee: I just figured out how to get in

Moderator (Steve Hargadon): The school wiki as front pages for teachers would be with parents, right?

Cheryl: I saw the Monster Project and planned to show the kids that one!

mar524nch: what is the monster project?

Lorraine: Sessions like this one...seem very helpful

Kathy: Please consider giving some to higher ed faculty!

Lucinda to Kathy: Kathy, do you know if there will be an archive of this so that I can check out some of the suggested websites or wiki's?

Kathy: Will there be an archive of this session?

wendy quinones: Perhaps some discussions on separate topics -- English, science, etc?

Kathy: I'd like to give the link to my students.

Ann-NJTechTeacher: Contact me through wiki if you wish (smsmath) - I have to go for birthday cake right now.

Manish Kothari: Thanks - this was great

bill: can you say that again? the email...

mark: Core subject discussions would be very helpful

art teacher: This is great! I like doing this from home. I can't wait to get started!

Moderator (Adam Frey) to Steve Hargadon, Adam Frey:

Moderator (Adam Frey):

jackie gerstein: Thanks so much!

Cheryl: This has been great - thanks

Kathy: Please give some free sites to higher edu faculty!

treardon: thank you

wendy quinones: Thank you all!

Lorraine: Thank you for this session!

Lucinda: yes, higher education!!!!

Kathy: Will there be an archive link?


mark: Thanks!

Lorraine: very helpful overview..

Bob Martin: @steve hargadon: see you in a few weeks at K-12 open source!!

Robert Hagan: Thank you

Mark Ahlness: Fantastic! - thanks Adam and Steve!

Kathleen DeLander: Thank you so much. It was very informative!

Melanie Lee: Thank you

Roger Carroll: I am very interested in "core area" discussions similar to this evening's event.

mar524nch: thanks

Kathy: Archive link?

mark: Any other k!@ open source people here?

wendy quinones: Thanks for your generosity, Adam!

Bob Martin: Awesome Adam. Great service!

n2teaching: Thanks Adam & Sarah: Wikispaces is great! I love your personal interest in our questions.

mark: ooops....k12 open source

Kathy: Where?

bill: Great job!..thanks

Moderator (Adam Frey): Thank you everyone.

mark: Indianapolis

Kathy: okay. Thanks.

Celia: I need to go away and have a play now I have been introduced to some more ideas. Many thanks (melbourne Australia - Fri Morning)

jgood: I'd like to participate in a session that speaks to how wikis are used in the elementary classrooms.

mark: bye all

treardon: middle school for me

n2teaching: So I better go promote wikispaces some more! I love doing that.

n2teaching: Thanks, Steve

jorrflv: Thank you all

jorrflv: I hope my comments were helpful

mark: Oh, and if you are nearby, K12 Open minds is a great conference to get ideas for your classroom....Indianapolis, Sept. 25-27