Our Goals:
  • When you come on, put in your name and geographic location in the chat dialog.
  • Celebrate! :)
    • Share any stories - what have you liked about CR 2.0?
    • How things have changed in a year (perceptions of social networking?)
  • "LIVE Conversations" plans - http://www.classroom20wiki.com/LIVE+Conversations
  • Set up a new volunteer host system... wohoo!
  • Wiki stuff
  • Say hi to as many new members as we can, for real. 5 minutes?
  • Initiate an advisory panel?
    • Who?
    • Meet how often?
    • Meet at ed tech shows?
  • Brainstorm how to expand networks (the big idea)
  • Predict / Look forward to the coming year of innovations in Web 2.0 / collaborative technologies in education.

Chat Log:

Joined on March 24, 2008 at 5:58 PM

Leny: Curitiba, Brazil

Kate Olson: hi Anne

Lorraine: Massachusetts

murcha: Hi Kate and hi Leny

Barb in Nebraska: Happy Birthday!

ccapozzoli: what time is it in Australia

Suzanne Shanks: Suzanne's from Colorado Springs; Happy Birthday!

murcha: It is a fabulous 11:58am and the sun is shining but we need rain

Leny: Thanks. I am not so good at this. I am new on this. I will try it.

hshawjr: steve - thanks for putting this on twitter to remind us.

ccapozzoli: so awesome!! would love to visit down under some time in my life time

murcha: @ccapozzoli Where are you from? Yes, our country is huge but it is so isolated but cr2 has brought us to the world

murcha: yes, can see the wiki and sound is great!

Barb in Nebraska: I'm always Barb in Nebraska

Kate Olson: Sorry, I'm from Wisconsin, didn't include that

cathywo: Cathy Wolinsky (cathywo) from Maine

Barb in Nebraska: Social networking is so much easier! In the old days of snail mail and now how fast it can be

murcha: I had trouble getting videos to load onto ipod and within mins on cr2.0 had the answer from Alabama, before any of my Aussie friends could reply and my classroom went as planned

gnoack: I didn't realize CR2 was so young. I got on in June of 2007, I though it had been around for a couple of years.

Ann-NJTechTeacher: Ann from New Jersey - The surprising thing about social networking is how "real" everyone becomes as you start interacting with them.

Barb in Nebraska: Yes, lots of ideas here on this wiki. Thanks

Kate Olson: let me know when I talk if it's really jilted, I have satellite connection, so have a tough time w/ audio

Suzanne Shanks: It's amazing how quickly things grow. Some of my favorite edtech bloggers I thought had been around forever, but weren't.

murcha: @gnoack I was the same. Think I jumped on in July or Aug

Barb in Nebraska: I'm going to meet my first Twitter friend in April at our tech conference

murcha: yes Kate I can hear you

Ann-NJTechTeacher: Kate- you're fine.

murcha: @Kate audio is great

hshawjr: kate you are coming pretty good

Lornacos: Lorna is St. Catharines Ontario

lizbdavis: HI everyone

Barb in Nebraska: HI Liz!

Ann-NJTechTeacher: Hi Liz

Barb in Nebraska: Hi Lorna!

helenotway: hi all

Lornacos: Hello everyone

Barb in Nebraska: Hi helen!

Barb in Nebraska: Hi Lornacos

helenotway: Hi Barb

mrsdurff: i better pay attention - this is Durff in maryland, USA

gnoack: @everyone.. wish I could stay, but have to go. this is awesome and I can't wait for the next meeting

Kate Olson: thanks Liz

Suzanne Shanks: Hi Durff, I've seen you around Twitter!

Lornacos: Hurrah Liz you are right on

mrsdurff: hi suzanne

jonelle: Hi everyone- JoNelle in SC I see lots of you that I have worked with some this year!

lizbdavis: I think Twitter has become my new Classroom 2.0

Barb in Nebraska: birthday cake anyone?

murcha: I keep going back to cr2.0 and checking on the forums and discussions cos they are still really pertinent to me even though I have joined other ning sites too

lizbdavis: But I think it was a great launching pad

Kate Olson: I've actually stopped joining other nings right now, too hard to be involved in all

mrsdurff: my principal just joined classroom2.0

Suzanne Shanks: I must go, thanks Steve and everyone. Bye!

Ann-NJTechTeacher: I agree. I'm part of at least three, but I keep up more with Classroom2.0

helenotway: bye suzanne

lizbdavis: I've been creating classroom nings for my teachers. That is going really well.

mrsdurff: it's all about bringing people into the proverbial echo chamber

murcha: yes, cr2.0 is still superior and as I got so much out of it, I like to think that I might be able to help others with questions now.

hshawjr: Just trying to keep up with work and learning new tools, Twitter, Flock, etc.

jonelle: I dropped of of CR20 for a while, but have been back lately -durff and murch- I see you in here...hello

Kate Olson: I really like the real-time communication here

lizbdavis: It could be a good place to do demos of new tools

cathywo: CR 2.0 has been great for teachers to find other classes to connect for blogs or wikis.

mrsdurff: hi jonelle

murcha: Hello @jonelle still reading your posts. Hope we can keep wkg tog. loved our VT from last yr.

hshawjr: wow that would be great

jonelle: hi durff - have more teachers on board ready to branch out in technology...videoconference soon?

Kate Olson: I think web tools are extremely valuable for teachers even if they aren't able to use them in their classroom - great professional development

Lornacos: hurrah for parents

Barb in Nebraska: kate, that's so true. I have learned SO much

mrsdurff: elluminate with parents?

Lornacos: wow I would be so excited

mrsdurff: who would be teaching them how to do it?

Lornacos: there are very few places for parents to meet

jonelle: murcha- you have gone so far - very impressed, you encourage me from so far away!

Kate Olson: @elemenous on twitter needs help getting here - anyone want to guide her?

Kate Olson: I'm brand new and am not sure how I even made it myself

Barb in Nebraska: Kate, I just tweeted her to close out and try the link again.

Barb in Nebraska: Kate, I had the same problem

lizbdavis: Ann

helenotway: @murcha is Anne

murcha: Is it possible to run pd sessions so experienced web2.0 users could teach those who want to learn how to use VT and other tools etc

mrsdurff: well Anne aka murcha has her hand raised

lizbdavis: That would be very cool.

hshawjr: that is cool

murcha: Elluminate is a wonderful tool

Kate Olson: great idea Anne

Kate Olson: build a group of willing mentors

lizbdavis: I've been playing with diigo and just made a screencast about it. It would have been cool to get a group in elluminate to talk about it.

hshawjr: is there a way to use the web cams in elluminate? So we could see each other when were talking

murcha: oops dont think my audio is working so will just keep chatting away

lizbdavis: What time is that tomorrow?

Miz Mercer: Yeah, I'll miss that...

cathywo: A live sessiono on Diigo would help me.

jonelle: ann- great idea with VT -

Miz Mercer: Can only host be seen on webcam

derrallg: too early for west coast at 2:00

Sue Wyatt: Sue Wyatt, Tasmania Australia

murcha: Yes, and I keep talking and replying but noone hears me so will just chat and put my hand down.

murcha: How do I take my hand down?

hshawjr: murcha did you push the talk button

Miz Mercer: I can't do anything tomorrow at all.

Kate Olson: anne - did you have your mic on?

mrsdurff: YES!

lizbdavis: Yay! We hear you Anne

helenotway: we hear you Anne

mrsdurff: GO ANNE!

hshawjr: Yes

Lorraine: I like the idea of mini-presentations on particular web 2.0 tools. Twitter comes to mind for me. Twitter is something that I have no experience with, but am curious about. The wiki seems like an effective way to announce sessions such as this one.

murcha: hello you lot???>...

lizbdavis: Yes

murcha: tes I can hear you

Sue Wyatt: Yep anne

jkrauss: Hi everybody!

Barb in Nebraska: @lorraine, Twitter is really fun and easy

jonelle: great idea ann, that is how I learned videoconferencing from SC, with patient educators in australia

hshawjr: Lorraine - I just started to really use Twitter on Sunday, I like it so far look at Clay Burells latest Blog it gives a good hint or two

murcha: We use skype to follow up twitter conversations for deeper conversations

lizbdavis: I made a screencast about how to get started with Twitter.

hshawjr: yes

jkrauss: I'm joining Darren next run

jonelle: sounds great

mrsdurff: yes i have

helenotway: not yet

Kate Olson: kind of - the times didn't work, but i really want to in the future

ccapozzoli: i have been giving open pd in my schoo dist and would love all of you to join

lizbdavis: Timing problems for me

Lornacos: I know that parents are not the target audience but if they are given the same tools it will help raise the awareness about teachers using these tools in the classroom

lizbdavis: That is why I think it would be cool to be able to do this more spontaneously

Kate Olson: need multiple time options for any OpenPd, no?

derrallg: i like the idea of Open PD but same as Liz the time wasn't right for me

murcha: wow Hello Steve

lizbdavis: We see you Steve

hshawjr: there you are

Kate Olson: I see you, steve!

helenotway: i can see you Steve

mrsdurff: fuzzy

Lornacos: you look wonderful

Lorraine: Video transmitted

jonelle: you are there!

jkrauss: Nice Shirt

Sue Wyatt: yep

helenotway: woohoo!

jkrauss: Where's your party hat

ccapozzoli: it would be great for some quick tutorials and how tos... 30 min - 1 hour

jonelle: HBDTY!!

Barb in Nebraska: Where's your birthday crown?

derrallg: nice pastel

mrsdurff: no color

ccapozzoli: i only see black and white

murcha: Happy birthday to you too. But there is no colour

Barb in Nebraska: You can select color

Lorraine: option for color in quality...

mrsdurff: you need streamers

jkrauss: you can switch color quality

cathywo: Change the Quality to color

derrallg: i see color

lizbdavis: I can adjust my color

Ann-NJTechTeacher: That's the place

Lornacos: no it is a seting

hshawjr: is that a thumb drive in your pocket,

murcha: How did you change the colour

mrsdurff: you're special

murcha: I am in my old farm clothes so not game to show me

Lornacos: hi liz

derrallg: there's Liz

Sarah S: Hey there liz

Kate Olson: yay, Liz

murcha: Hi Liz

mrsdurff: hi liz

Sue Wyatt: g'day Liz

murcha: Are you in colours Liz?

Kate Olson: darn, i need to get my brand new web cam set up!

jkrauss: how do I add my video?

mrsdurff: she looked great

cathywo: Very brave Liz!

LUCY ARGHHHHHHHHH: I'm here. Finally. Wow.

mrsdurff: hi barb

derrallg: you made it Lucy

Kate Olson: yay, Lucy - glad you made it

cathywo: Hi Lucy

murcha: Hello Lucy

Ann-NJTechTeacher: Yeah Lucy!

Barb in Nebraska: HI Lucy!

Barb in Nebraska: You got in!

murcha: Hmm I see colour now.

lizbdavis: Click Transmit to to get video

jkrauss: HI

derrallg: hi Jane

Ann-NJTechTeacher: What did it take, Lucy?

LUCY ARGHHHHHHHHH: Thank you, Barb and Ann


Jane Lowe: I'm new to this so I am just following to see how it works

LUCY ARGHHHHHHHHH: didn't do anything different

lizbdavis: I moderated during the As Night Falls for Online K12

emapey: Hi all!!

murcha: I hate being stuck out on twitter trying to get into everyone who is talking elsewhere

LUCY ARGHHHHHHHHH: Thank you everyone for the help


Lornacos: hey derrall

mrsdurff: hi derrall

jkrauss: HI Derrall!

lizbdavis: My Mac comes with one. Yay Mac

Kate Olson: leaving it open would be great - we could tweet if we want ppl to join us?

Cathyjo: Hey Liz

derrallg: I turned mine on and off

lizbdavis: I don't knwo

LUCY ARGHHHHHHHHH: Just buy a Mac, Steve

jonelle: ok- now I'll have to get a cam for my laptop with vista...just have web cams at school

Kate Olson: post in CR2.0 that we're meeting?


Barb in Nebraska: I have no idea how this thing is woking!

Kate Olson: just bought Logitech QuickCam Pro for Notebooks......good?

murcha: that is me can you see me

lizbdavis: I clicked on transmit

Lisa Thumann: Kate - I love mine - it works great.

Barb in Nebraska: I still haven't figured out how to post a link in the chat room

Cathyjo: Hi Liz!!

Barb in Nebraska: We can read lips

lizbdavis: Hi Cathy

Kate Olson: @Lisa Thumann - ok, just have to get mine out of the box!

helenotway: no didn't see you Anne

Lorraine: I used Learningtimes Elluminate open classroom for awhile and found that if you'd like a group and another one is in there, it can be a little confusing. Having a scheduled session seemed to work out better.

jonelle: ann m I did not see you

mrsdurff: ah! we each control our own color

Lorraine: Black and white cam is on.

ccapozzoli: yes glasses

mrsdurff: but she doesn't have color

Lorraine: I think it is a cam issue.

Lorraine: The quality says 'fine color.

mrsdurff: there

jonelle: there is ANN

helenotway: Did you get here Lucy?

derrallg: hitting preview seems to untransmit

helenotway: anne you are on

Ann-NJTechTeacher: Good night all


jkrauss: What are the numbers next to Jkrauss and Lucy A?

derrallg: good night Ann

Lisa Thumann: There's Liz again

mrsdurff: i changed the quality to fine color


LUCY ARGHHHHHHHHH: I can't transmit anymore either

murcha: hehe Liz Davis

Cathyjo: u have the POWER Liz

helenotway: no! just back from gym!!!!

Kate Olson: hey zemote!

murcha: this is a wonderful use of elluminate where we can experiment with the tools

derrallg: hi Lorna

mrsdurff: lornacos

murcha: Hello Lorna

mrsdurff: the youngun

LUCY ARGHHHHHHHHH: I think Derrall and Steve are the only guys here

Lisa Thumann: Murcha - I got your DM - nice to finally connect.

mrsdurff: hey kathy

Barb in Nebraska: LOL

murcha: do we still have the person from Brazil

zemote: Hi i'm a guy

Kate Olson: @Lucy, nope Jeff O'hara's here

murcha: Hey Kate where are you Do you have a webcam

jonelle: Cathy are you in columbia, SC??

zemote: zemote = Jeff O'Hara

Kate Olson: @murcha not set up yet - brand new!

derrallg: now she's in color

Cathyjo: Hi Lucy!!

Kate Olson: next time

Kate Olson: back on task, y'all

Cathyjo: Little Lucy

LUCY ARGHHHHHHHHH: Am I transmiting?

murcha: You can increase the size of the video panel as well

lizbdavis: I've been pretty lame lately

Kate Olson: I'd love to volunteer

murcha: How do you send snapshots to whiteboard

Kate Olson: yup

lizbdavis: Yay Kate!

hshawjr: sure I'll try

jonelle: I will volunteer for a while

Kate Olson: sure, how should I send it?

helenotway: i would too!

adinasullivan: Would be happy to voluntter as a greeter

murcha: @lizbdavis you sound like you have been sooo... busy lately

jkrauss: I'd like to guide anyone interested in instructional design or pbl +tech

Kate Olson: gotcha!

jkrauss: not sure if it fits the "host" role per se

murcha: Are you relaxing on the couch derrallg

derrallg: yes

Cathyjo: WOW the twitterverse is here!

murcha: Looks comfy

derrallg: nice blue sky

Sue Wyatt: I was one of those asking questions

helenotway: I am happy to be an Aussie rep for welcoming people if you need another...

derrallg: I don't feel like I have a handle on the Ning yet

adinasullivan: Adina from San Diego woulod be happy to help

hshawjr: Steve - I will try for a while

derrallg: What would the time commitment be like?

helenotway: cool

murcha: Okay I could have a go too if it was just for a month

Kate Olson: http://www.classroom20.com/profile/KateOlson

mrsdurff: derrall needs to focus

Cathyjo: derral tell it fine colors

jkrauss: I'd do a month, how about June?

Kate Olson: I'll do it as long as necessary

derrallg: yes, I'm too scattered

Barb in Nebraska: @kate how did you post a link?


Kate Olson: just threw it in, make sure you have http://

mrsdurff: now at what is he laughing?

Cathyjo: if we shrink u U r not scattered!

jkrauss: fun!

mrsdurff: hey thank you derrall

derrallg: no I'm hi-rez

murcha: my classroom 20.com page is http://www.classroom20.com/profile/murch0

lizbdavis: For people who want to learn about getting started with Twitter: http://edtechpower.blogspot.com/2008/01/getting-started-with-twitter-screencast.html

Kate Olson: ready set go?

lizbdavis: Using the introductions forum?

adinasullivan: sounds good

Cathyjo: w00T Derrallg

murcha: hang on, what are we doing now please? Are we messaging them or adding them as friends or what are we doing

murcha: Hey derralg are you enjoying the stardom there

murcha: Oh Heather Dowd is one of my friends

helenotway: http://www.classroom20.com/profile/helenotway

jkrauss: been a while.. how do we get to the intros thread?

derrallg: sort of anyone else want a go at the video

Cathyjo: snagging pix as I type!

lizbdavis: Is there a quick way to the introductions page?

mrsdurff: i think derrall should dance

Cathyjo: sign language would be nice

Kate Olson: maybe we should start a new intro discussion?

Cathyjo: hee hee

Lisa Thumann: Anyone want to tell me how to get the Classroom 2.0 badge on my Wordpress blog? Please?

derrallg: i don't know sign language

mrsdurff: bah humbug

Barb in Nebraska: Still can't figure out how to paste a url

Cathyjo: finger dancing was excellent

Kate Olson: @lthumann dm me and I can help you later!

mrsdurff: @Thgurman

mrsdurff: yes copy the enbed code for it

murcha: I am doing Or-Tal Kiriati

Lisa Thumann: @mrsdurff Into a text widget?

Sue Wyatt: is there any way to find out where people are from, so I can say hi to others fromTasmania in Classroom?

mrsdurff: a frappr?

Kate Olson: I am

Lisa Thumann: Thanks Kate

helenotway: yes

lizbdavis: I'm doing one right now.

zemote: Chicago here

lizbdavis: Mike Redfearn

mrsdurff: @thurman not exactly

murcha: yes, I am welcoming people Steve

Lorraine: A database similar to epals may be one way to link via geographic location.


jonelle: oh yeah- ok- I will look for elementary

adinasullivan: page = www.classroom20.com/profile/adinas Also on twitter @adinasullivan

mrsdurff: @thurmann let me go look for a minute

Lisa Thumann: @mrsdurff - that's the story of my life

adinasullivan: welcoming also..a little slow on borrowed computer

zemote: I am @zemote on twitter

hockeymom: @lisa thurmann I haven't been able to do a badge in wordpress either

zemote: www.classroom2.0.com/profile/zemote

lizbdavis: Lisa - another reason not to use wordpress

Lisa Thumann: @Liz - it's too late - I dived in.

helenotway: sounds good

nharm: Hi everyone from Brownsville, MN

Barb in Nebraska: @nharm, thanks for friending Sr Mary today!

Cathyjo: Okay Murcha following u now...how ever was I not??

murcha: So, what do you see the advisory panel doing

lizbdavis: I'm happy to advise

lenva: hi from new zealand

lizbdavis: And to give advice

Kate Olson: I want to advise as well - I do it all

Lisa Thumann: I would be willing to help with that panel.

lizbdavis: Why don't we all sing

lizbdavis: Happy Birthday Classroom 2.0

Lisa Thumann: Liz -stop it!

Kate Olson: welcome Naomi!

Jane Lowe: If you are making groups etc I would like to see grade level groups as well as geographically organised ones

Barb in Nebraska: @jane, grade level groups are good too

spooferkd: Kathleen DeLander, SSF, CA

murcha: Hello lenva from NZ I am from Australia

Lisa Thumann: @mrsdurff - That didn't work for me.

murcha: Depending on the workload I would be happy to be part of the panel.

hshawjr: I think the geographic regions is a good idea

lenva: hi murcha nice to meet you

Lisa Thumann: I'll DM you in Twitter - maybe we can figure it out that way.

Kate Olson: one huge problem with volunteer panels is the follow-through - need to make sure we have enough people that action occurs

adinasullivan: Events and forums re: current ideas on twitter, blogosphere, etc. are helpful

murcha: Web2.0 is starting to take off in Australia

adinasullivan: It's had to keep on your own

adinasullivan: it's nice to have other's feedback

kstashuk: I'd like to read a post on how people are using twitter. Everyone seems to think it's better than sliced bread, but i just don't see it.

adinasullivan: live events/discussusions are good

Kate Olson: great idea, Steve

ccapozzoli: would love to participate in a panel...

kstashuk: has anyone written about it?

murcha: @adinasullivan I agree, I had to work by myself and you feel like giving up until you get a good social network and then you cant stop

zemote: is elluminate painfully slow for everyone else?

lizbdavis: @kstashuk did you see the link I dropped in earlier in the chat?

Barb in Nebraska: @kstashuk, I love being able to see what's new and read new blogs

lizbdavis: http://edtechpower.blogspot.com/2008/01/getting-started-with-twitter-screencast.html

adinasullivan: informal would be good. regulars would come back

Jane Lowe: I would have missed this forum if I hadn't been on Twitter today

mrsdurff: i move that we do that - do i hear a second to the motion?

Lisa Thumann: @kstashuk Don't give up - it took me a month before I saw the true value

Barb in Nebraska: @jane, that' true

lenva: @kstashuk I love being part of a network get latest ideas on the spot

Sue Wyatt: I only started with Web 2.0 in January and it was great to get help from Sue Waters in Edublogs

Sue Wyatt: then having to start your own PLN

kstashuk: @barb would being subscribed to the rss feeds procudce the same result?

Kate Olson: I want to go to NECC!!!! any corporate sponsors here?

Kate Olson: j/k

Lornacos: happy birthday to you

adinasullivan: An informal meeting at NECC would be good too

kstashuk: @liz, thanks liz. saw the mention but missed the link the first time

murcha: Is there a cake. I think I have eaten too much chocolate over Easter

Barb in Nebraska: @kstaahuk, not really, because I get new blogs on twitter

Lornacos: happy birthday to you

lenva: I would be interested in being part of the panel

derrallg: I can't turn myself off

lizbdavis: Also check out the Twitter life cycle: http://cogdoghouse.wikispaces.com/TwitterCycle So true.

Kate Olson: Steve - get in touch with me about the advisory panel - I'm really interested

jkrauss: oh fun! predictions

Lornacos: happy birthday to CA2. 0

hshawjr: I would like to be part of the panel

murcha: Well, Steve I would have a go on the advisory panel if you would like?

mrsdurff: then murcha send me your chocolate

helenotway: i think it may take off more here in OZ

Cathyjo: Prediction: CR2.0 will create a new ning called CR2.5

Kate Olson: prediction: more web tech will be mandated, requiring more professional development

adinasullivan: Web 2.0 will be critical do to budget issues (CA)

mrsdurff: oh smile derrall

murcha: I cant believe where I have come in a year and would never have dreamed that I would be where I am today

jkrauss: More open 'vote with your feet' pd coming

lizbdavis: @CathyJo LOL!

Lornacos: I think classroom blogs will be the norm

mrsdurff: a delicious account?

adinasullivan: You can't take in everything

jkrauss: good question!

murcha: Yes I worry about shear volume of info too

gnoack: small rural districts are going to be playing catch-up

murcha: I have to stop from joining too many groups

adinasullivan: a group delicious account mioght be nice

Cathyjo: Like Pownce??

Barb in Nebraska: People do seem to move on

Leny: Bye.

murcha: How can you tell who is talking? Is there an indication on elluminate

lizbdavis: Flock is interesting because it combines different tools

jkrauss: lit mic

adinasullivan: That is a consideration!

lizbdavis: LIsa we could never lose you.

lizbdavis: Yes I do

murcha: Oh okay, I had to scroll down to see the active mic

Barb in Nebraska: I worry that I have too many friends and I'll not be able to keep up

hshawjr: just started using flock and twitter this weekend

lenva: @murcha look at the mic symbol at the top left panel

Sarah S: It may be confusing regardless. Cross-posting is kind of key.

jkrauss: someone was pointing me to an aggregator of aggregators -- was that flock?

spooferkd: What tools do you all find the most helpful?

gnoack: @lisa.. I know exatly what you are talking about. twitter went down for maintence for a day and many people moved to Pounce.

lenva: I still like google reader

lizbdavis: Diigo definitely has potential

jkrauss: del.icio.us, skype, IM, wiki and blog

jonelle: volume is a problem in my district- they do not want us to videoconference, but we are trying to add more....I agree with the volume of tools. more and more. this is what scares non-techie types

derrallg: We need to continue to evolve along with the tools

lenva: using all the tools in e-portfolios

mrsdurff: i don't feel like a minority

Sue Wyatt: I think we need to be teaching principals and parents about Web 2.0

Cathyjo: Yep I am campaigning on my end for the tools

murcha: I am sure that many creators of software have no idea where that software ends up until people use it and push it to the limits

Lisa Thumann: It is difficult to keep up

adinasullivan: We are definitely in the minority!!

Cathyjo: had someone ask today what is CR2.0

Barb in Nebraska: Twitter is blocked at my school

Cathyjo: OpenPD THIS WED

gnoack: @barb Me 2

hshawjr: agreed

lizbdavis: Yes - that was my last blog post

Sarah S: So much is still blocked in so many schools.

lenva: @barb in nebraska - mine too, but I use twitbin addon for firefox

murcha: My students push software to the limits and find things I would never have dreamed of.

lizbdavis: It didn't go over too well.

mrsdurff: @liz who are you losing?

Cathyjo: Darren Draper/Robin Elis hold your hand in OpenPD

Barb in Nebraska: @gnoack, so is Google images

Kate Olson: did anyone hear me?

Sarah S: Twitter works for me through pageflake widget at school.

Moderator: Yes, Kate.

Lisa Thumann: Excellent point = a more constructivist approach

lizbdavis: @mrsdurff - I'm not going to lose lthumann (the other lisa)

gnoack: I think in the next year we need to see school district open up to the idea of Web 2.0 and social networking in the classroom.

Moderator: Loud and clear.

lizbdavis: @mrsdurff - or you either

adinasullivan: We have to be clear about how the tool meets the standards

ccapozzoli: baby steps in important, but showing students how to create and use the tools that are out there will help to get them started.

Cathyjo: no fear of failure

Barb in Nebraska: @lenva, I tried by using Twhirl at school and it didn't work

murcha: That is where Steve's idea of experience tchrs helping newbies to use and accept web2.0 through cr2.0 is so vital

spooferkd: How do you overcome administrative resistance and so much blocking?

mrsdurff: i wish my chat would advance when people post

lenva: no I can only use twitbin because it bypassing the filters

jkrauss: do you share moderation?

Lornacos: I think that the upton issue will go away when parents understand the tools

murcha: I can never forget the experienced people who have helped me out and will always try and give a hand to those who may need help

jonelle: true about al's issues. this is why we need to keep going and educate others

Barb in Nebraska: @lenva, Thanks, I'll check that out

gnoack: @barb, we have google images, we have the filter set to it's highest setting and we have never had any 'incidents'. I think it is important in our school to think about this and have the filter because we are working with elementary kids

helenotway: i think we will be sorters!!

mrsdurff: i get lost without it auto updating

Cathyjo: Absolutely SH--must develop a comfort in a few then move on

adinasullivan: There has to be time for LIFE also

Lisa Thumann: @spooferkd:teach the admins the tools

murcha: And establish partnerships with parents, our educational departments and other teachers

Sarah S: cr2.0 works as an "answer bank" for me - go, search tags, find answer - which is really helpful

Cathyjo: yes Liz

jonelle: thank you to durff, lizB, murch, steve and many more!! hbty

hshawjr: i really hopes it does, because, I really want to teach blogging, but a lot of my student's are in State custody, so that is a big concern

derrallg: that's a good idea Liz

Cathyjo: and a meaningful experience

Kate Olson: love the small group idea

murcha: @sarah S I use the tags as well in cr2.0 to go and find the latest ideas and discussions

spooferkd: Thanks!

mrsdurff: invited jim gates in here

helenotway: an interesting concept for collaborating

Lorraine: Elluminate would be happy to give us a demo of this app I'm sure...reviewing the tool options etc.

mrsdurff: welcome him if he comes in

lizbdavis: We could organize the groups by time zones

lizbdavis: Yes I see it

mrsdurff: yes

murcha: Wish we did not have time zones, date formats and spelling problems

jonelle: times zone good

murcha: No, I see nothing

Cathyjo: so the moderator drags us in the breakout rooms?

lizbdavis: And organize by those of us with small children who can only do this at certain times of day.

jkrauss: how do you go in?

murcha: Maybe there is a time lag

mrsdurff: i see the room

jkrauss: i double clicked, nothing

Kate Olson: I'd like to be able to join on my own

adinasullivan: I see it, but can't open it

jkrauss: sample breakout room has it's hand up?

murcha: I could not go in either

Cathyjo: moderator must have to do that

hshawjr: darrell so right

mrsdurff: @jkrauss in above window scroll to bottom

Cathyjo: i was "put" into my group for K12OL

Cathyjo: 300PP????

lizbdavis: @Cathyjo me too

Cathyjo: OMG

jkrauss: yes I found

helenotway: gosh!

adinasullivan: Darrel - yes! Focus on the learning

zemote: If the tools are too difficult they will not be adopted

lizbdavis: Steve could you talk to the Online K12 people and ask them for tips

spooferkd: Good idea

mrsdurff: the moderator has to move us steve

Cathyjo: ask Sheryl Nussbaum-Beach

murcha: @jonelle time zones lock us out quite a bit, cos I need my sleep

mrsdurff: i want cake!

Kate Olson: liz should sing!

Cathyjo: Hooray for Steve!!

lizbdavis: Yes - let's sing - can we all get on the mic at once

jkrauss: THANK YOU Steve!

Lisa Thumann: Thank you Steve!!

Bud: Happy Birthday, Classroom 2.0!

Bud: Well done, Steve.

mrsdurff: send cake!

lizbdavis: 1

jonelle: i still need you ann!

jkrauss: 3 cheers for Steve

Sarah S: Thanks so much Steve.

helenotway: happy birthday steve and all

adinasullivan: Happy birthday! It's been great! Looking forward to more

lenva: @murcha agree about the time zones a real pain

Lorraine: thanks Steve

Lornacos: Thank you steve for all your good work

lizbdavis: 2

Kate Olson: thanks steve and get in touch about moderating and welcoming

spooferkd: Thank you

murcha: Thank you so much Steve for all your hard work and the continuing hard work

lizbdavis: 3

lenva: bye it's been great

Jane Lowe: thanks steve

Sue Wyatt: Happy birthday to us, happy birthday to us, happy birthday classroom2.0, happy birthday to us

lizbdavis: Who's with me

derrallg: thank you Steve

hshawjr: happy birthday 2.0 and thanks Steve

Kate Olson: that would be advisory panel

hshawjr: go for it

Cathyjo: 1-2-3 and sing

Cathyjo: raise your hand if u want to sing

hshawjr: I would sound like a frog croaking

mrsdurff: and a 1 and a 2

mrsdurff: and a 123

mrsdurff: go!

Cathyjo: bRAVO BRAVO

lenva: my dogs howling

Barb in Nebraska: lol

helenotway: Cool!

murcha: there is a time lag problem

Cathyjo: hee hee

mrsdurff: oh that

jkrauss: wowowowowo

mrsdurff: 's awful

LUCY ARGHHHHHHHHH: Ditto! Hooray for Classroom 2.0 and Steve!

mrsdurff: STOP!

hshawjr: yeah who let the dawgs out

murcha: Where is the connectedness and synch

Cathyjo: w00T STeve

lizbdavis: Good night

Cathyjo: night

ccapozzoli: how about we complete a questionaire form to get people assigned to the break out panels that workd

Kate Olson: night

jkrauss: byeee

hshawjr: good night

lizbdavis: Can you post the chat

adinasullivan: Good night! Thanks!

lizbdavis: somewhere

mrsdurff: nite all

derrallg: good night

Lornacos: nite all

murcha: See you and thanks a heap.

helenotway: bye

pwoessner: night

Lornacos: nite all

jkrauss: oh dear audio!

derrallg: no video arghghg

murcha: Poor old derrallg You are brave

Kate Olson: the dangers of the net

lizbdavis: Good night all

mrsdurff: teach you to have a webcam hooked up

derrallg: nite all

mrsdurff: live and learn derrall

murcha: Thank your family for letting you do all this too, Steve

mrsdurff: nite all

spooferkd: Goodnight and thank you

David Donica: Mount Shasta, CA - Thanks Steve for making this happen - Happy Birthday

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