Ideas for International Scratch Club Projects

This section was created in a workshop at the Scratch@MIT conference, July, 2008

Cultural Universals
  • Food, clothing, shelter
  • Social organization, family, kin
  • Economics
  • Government
  • Language, communication
  • Recreation
  • Arts, esthetic values
  • Religion
  • Technology
  • Education

Cultural Focus to sharing around Scratch
  • Creating a culture together, simScratch
  • Using remixes, projects posting to cross comparisons
  • Given a prompt, create a project about a culture, prompt is a cultural connection
  • "What is an example of cooking?" "Tell about a friend"
  • Consider age differences, issues that raises
  • Kids generating the questions
  • Kids generate the rules for the project
  • Create tolerance to difference
  • Time issues, simplicity
  • Role of teacher/teacher driven
  • Concern--Children exposing themselves to judgment/being judged? Ethnocentric?
  • Adventures of the Scratch cat in....

Scratch club
  • More controlled environment
  • Memebers share projects, but not publicly available until leader OKs the project
  • Content seen within club and in larger site, but read only in the larger site

Research proposed about Scratch use/creativity around the world
  • Three students, eight sessions
  • Controlling for variables
  • What is the impact of Scratch on the students' creativity?

ISC Contacts (Aaron Tyo-Dickerson, American School of The Hague)